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  • 341 banjo

    n. banjo (musik instrument)
    * * *
    plural - banjo(e)s; noun
    (a stringed musical instrument similar to the guitar: He plays the banjo; Play me a tune on the banjo.) banjo

    English-Swedish dictionary > banjo

  • 342 barracks

    n. baracker i militärbas
    * * *
    (a building or buildings for housing soldiers: confined to barracks (= not allowed to leave the barracks).) kasern

    English-Swedish dictionary > barracks

  • 343 basis

    n. bas; basis; grund
    * * *
    plural - bases; noun
    (that on which a thing rests or is founded: This idea is the basis of my argument.) bas, basis, grund

    English-Swedish dictionary > basis

  • 344 bath

    n. bad
    v. bada
    * * *
    1. plural - baths; noun
    1) (a large container for holding water in which to wash the whole body: I'll fill the bath with water for you.) bad[]
    2) (an act of washing in a bath: I had a bath last night.) bad
    3) (a container of liquid etc in which something is immersed: a bird bath.) bad
    2. verb
    (to wash in a bath: I'll bath the baby.) bada
    - bathroom
    - bathtub

    English-Swedish dictionary > bath

  • 345 battery

    n. batteri; uppsättning; överfall
    * * *
    plural - batteries; noun
    1) (a series of two or more electric cells arranged to produce, or store, a current: a torch battery.) batteri
    2) (an arrangement of cages in which laying hens etc are kept.) nätburar
    3) (a group of large guns (and the people manning them).) batteri
    4) (a long series: a battery of questions.) batteri, serie

    English-Swedish dictionary > battery

  • 346 bearing

    n. uppförande, uppträdande; utveckling; inflytande, betydelse; riktning; lager
    * * *
    1) (manner, way of standing etc: a military bearing.) hållning, uppträdande
    2) ((usually in plural: sometimes short for ball-bearings) a part of a machine that has another part moving in or on it.) kullager

    English-Swedish dictionary > bearing

  • 347 beauty

    n. skönhet
    * * *
    plural - beauties; noun
    1) (a quality very pleasing to the eye, ear etc: Her beauty is undeniable.) skönhet
    2) (a woman or girl having such a quality: She was a great beauty in her youth.) skönhet
    3) (something or someone remarkable: His new car is a beauty!) pärla, praktexemplar
    - beautifully
    - beautify
    - beauty queen
    - beauty salon
    - beauty spot

    English-Swedish dictionary > beauty

  • 348 belfry

    n. klocktorn (i kyrka)
    * * *
    plural - belfries; noun
    (the part of a (church) tower in which bells are hung.) klocktorn, klockstapel

    English-Swedish dictionary > belfry

  • 349 belly

    n. mage; buk
    v. bukta sig; sticka ut; blåsa upp
    * * *
    plural - bellies; noun
    (the part of the body between the breast and the thighs, containing the bowels: the horse's belly; I've a pain in my belly.) buk, mage
    - bellyflop
    - belly-laugh

    English-Swedish dictionary > belly

  • 350 beneficiary

    n. pastoratsinnehavare; understödstagare
    * * *
    [-ʃəri, ]( American[) -ʃieri]
    - plural beneficiaries - noun (a person who receives a gift etc (usually in a will).) förmånstagare

    English-Swedish dictionary > beneficiary

  • 351 berry

    n. bär; (kaffe) böna; rom, romkorn
    v. bär; romkorn
    * * *
    plural - berries; noun
    (a kind of small (often juicy) fruit: holly berry; ripe strawberries; Those berries are poisonous.) bär

    English-Swedish dictionary > berry

  • 352 bibliography

    n. bibliografi, litteraturförteckning (förteckning av litterära källor)
    * * *
    plural - bibliographies; noun
    (a list of books.) bibliografi

    English-Swedish dictionary > bibliography

  • 353 bilberry

    n. blåbär
    * * *
    plural - bilberries; noun
    (a dark-blue berry; the bush it grows on.) blåbär

    English-Swedish dictionary > bilberry

  • 354 biography

    n. biografi (en mans historia, litterärt verk som skildrar en mans livshistoria)
    * * *
    plural - biographies; noun
    (a written account by someone of another person's life: a biography of Nelson.) biografi
    - biographical
    - biographic

    English-Swedish dictionary > biography

  • 355 blind

    adj. blind; utan öppning
    n. rullgardin; täckmantel; bedrägeri
    v. göra blind; förblinda; blända
    * * *
    1. adjective
    1) (not able to see: a blind man.) blind
    2) ((with to) unable to notice: She is blind to his faults.) blind för
    3) (hiding what is beyond: a blind corner.) med skymd sikt
    4) (of or for blind people: a blind school.) blindskola
    2. noun
    1) ((often in plural) a screen to prevent light coming through a window etc: The sunlight is too bright - pull down the blinds!) rullgardin
    2) (something intended to mislead or deceive: He did that as a blind.) täckmantel, förevändning
    3. verb
    (to make blind: He was blinded in the war.) bli blind, förlora synen
    - blindly
    - blindness
    - blind alley
    - blindfold
    4. verb
    (to put a blindfold on (some person or animal).) binda för ögonen
    5. adjective, adverb
    (with the eyes covered by a cloth etc: She came blindfold into the room.) med förbundna ögon
    - the blind leading the blind

    English-Swedish dictionary > blind

  • 356 body

    n. kropp; lik; massa, skock; huvuddel
    * * *
    ['bodi] 1. plural - bodies; noun
    1) (the whole frame of a man or animal including the bones and flesh: Athletes have to look after their bodies.) kropp
    2) (a dead person: The battlefield was covered with bodies.) död kropp, lik
    3) (the main part of anything: the body of the hall.) huvuddel, salong
    4) (a mass: a huge body of evidence.) samling, mängd
    5) (a group of persons acting as one: professional bodies.) samfund, kår, trupp
    2. adverb
    (by the entire (physical) body: They lifted him bodily and carried him off.) helt och hållet, med hull och hår
    - body language
    - bodywork

    English-Swedish dictionary > body

  • 357 bolero

    n. bolero; spansk dans; pullover, kort kappa
    * * *
    plural - boleros; noun
    (a short jacket with no fastening.) bolero

    English-Swedish dictionary > bolero

  • 358 boo

    interj. bu!
    n. bu! (skrämselrop eller uttryck för förakt)
    v. bua
    * * *
    [bu:] 1. plural - boos; noun
    (a derisive shout, made eg by a disapproving crowd: the boos of the disappointed football supporters.) buande, burop
    2. verb
    (to make such a sound at a person etc: The crowd booed (him).) bua []

    English-Swedish dictionary > boo

  • 359 booby

    n. tölp, drummel, dummer
    * * *
    plural - boobies; noun
    1) (a stupid person.) åsna, idiot
    2) ((slang) a woman's breast.) patt, tutte
    - booby trap
    - booby-trap

    English-Swedish dictionary > booby

  • 360 botanic(al) gardens

    noun singular or plural (a public park for the growing of native and foreign plants.) botanisk trädgård

    English-Swedish dictionary > botanic(al) gardens

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