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  • 321 apiary

    n. bikupa; bifarm
    * * *
    plural - apiaries; noun
    (a place (containing several hives) where bees are kept.) bikupa, bihus

    English-Swedish dictionary > apiary

  • 322 apology

    n. ursäkt; apologi, försvarstal
    * * *
    plural - apologies; noun Please accept my apology for not arriving on time; He made his apologies for not attending the meeting.) ursäkt

    English-Swedish dictionary > apology

  • 323 appendix

    n. blindtarm; appendix, bilaga
    * * *
    1) ((plural sometimes appendices [-si:z]) a section, usually containing extra information, added at the end of a book, document etc.) appendix, tillägg, bilaga
    2) (a narrow tube leading from the large intestine: She's had her appendix removed.) blindtarm

    English-Swedish dictionary > appendix

  • 324 archipelago

    n. skärgård (grupp av små öar)
    * * *
    plural - archipelago(e)s; noun
    (a group of islands.) skärgård, arkipelag, ögrupp

    English-Swedish dictionary > archipelago

  • 325 armament

    n. krigsmakt; krigsmateriel
    * * *
    ((usually in plural) equipment for war, eg the guns etc of a ship, tank etc.) krigsrustning, beväpning, bestyckning

    English-Swedish dictionary > armament

  • 326 armoury

    plural - armouries; noun (the place where weapons are made or kept.) vapenförråd, rustkammare

    English-Swedish dictionary > armoury

  • 327 army

    n. armeР'Т', här
    * * *
    1) (a large number of men armed and organized for war: The two armies met at dawn.)
    2) (a large number (of people etc): an army of tourists.)

    English-Swedish dictionary > army

  • 328 artery

    n. artär, pulsåder
    * * *
    plural - arteries; noun
    1) (a blood-vessel that carries the blood from the heart through the body.) pulsåder, artär
    2) (a main route of travel and transport.) []pulsåder

    English-Swedish dictionary > artery

  • 329 aspiration

    n. längtan, strävan
    * * *
    noun ((often in plural) an ambition: aspirations to become a writer.) strävan, längtan

    English-Swedish dictionary > aspiration

  • 330 authority

    n. pondus, väga tungt; myndighet, makt
    * * *
    plural - authorities; noun
    1) (the power or right to do something: He gave me authority to act on his behalf.) [] rätt, befogenhet
    2) (a person who is an expert, or a book that can be referred to, on a particular subject: He is an authority on Roman history.) auktoritet
    3) ((usually in plural) the person or people who have power in an administration etc: The authorities would not allow public meetings.) myndighet[]
    4) (a natural quality in a person which makes him able to control and influence people: a man of authority.) pondus, anseende
    - authoritative

    English-Swedish dictionary > authority

  • 331 automobile

    n. (automo) bil
    * * *
    ['o:təməbi:l, ]( American[) o:təmə'bi:l]
    ((American: abbreviation auto ['o:tou] - plural autos) a motor-car.) bil

    English-Swedish dictionary > automobile

  • 332 autopsy

    n. obduktion, autopsi
    v. obducera
    * * *
    plural - autopsies; noun
    (a medical examination of a body after death.) obduktion

    English-Swedish dictionary > autopsy

  • 333 aviary

    n. fågelhus, fågelgård
    * * *
    plural - aviaries; noun
    (a place in which birds are kept.) voljär, stor fågelbur

    English-Swedish dictionary > aviary

  • 334 avocado

    n. avokado
    * * *
    plural - avocados; noun
    ((also avocado pear) a kind of pear-shaped tropical fruit.) avokado

    English-Swedish dictionary > avocado

  • 335 axis

    n. axel (matematik, fysik el. politik)
    * * *
    plural - axes; noun
    1) (the real or imaginary line on which a thing turns (as the axis of the earth, from North Pole to South Pole, around which the earth turns).) axel
    2) (a fixed line used as a reference, as in a graph: He plotted the temperatures on the horizontal axis.) axel

    English-Swedish dictionary > axis

  • 336 baby

    adj. mycket liten, baby-, spädbarns-
    n. baby, bäbis, barn, spädbarn
    v. behandla ömt (som en baby); behandla som en barnunge
    * * *
    plural - babies; noun
    1) (a very young child: Some babies cry during the night; ( also adjective) a baby boy.) bebis, spädbarn
    2) ((especially American, often babe) a girl or young woman.) tjej, brud
    - baby buggy/carriage
    - baby grand
    - baby-sit
    - baby-sitter
    - baby-sitting

    English-Swedish dictionary > baby

  • 337 bakery

    n. bageri
    * * *
    plural - bakeries; noun (a place where baking is done and / or where bread, cakes etc are sold: I bought some cakes at the bakery.) bageri

    English-Swedish dictionary > bakery

  • 338 balcony

    n. balkong; altan
    * * *
    plural - balconies; noun
    1) (a platform built out from the wall of a building: Many hotel rooms have balconies.) balkong
    2) (in theatres etc, an upper floor: We sat in the balcony of the cinema; ( also adjective) balcony seats.) balkong, läktare

    English-Swedish dictionary > balcony

  • 339 ball

    n. boll; bal
    v. göra till boll; göra till kula; nysta ihop
    * * *
    I 1. [bo:l] noun
    1) (anything roughly round in shape: a ball of wool.) boll
    2) (a round object used in games: a tennis ball.) boll
    3) (balls (plural) (slang) testicles.) ballar, testiklar
    - ballcock
    - ballpoint
    2. adjective
    a ballpoint pen.) kulspets-
    - start/set
    - keep the ball rolling
    II 1. [bo:l]
    (a formal dance: a ball at the palace.) bal
    2. adjective
    ballroom dancing.) bal-

    English-Swedish dictionary > ball

  • 340 banister

    n. trappräcke
    * * *
    1) ((often plural) the handrail of a staircase and the posts supporting it.) trappräcke, ledstång
    2) (one of the posts supporting the handrail.) ledstångsstolpe

    English-Swedish dictionary > banister

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