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network sink

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  • Sink (disambiguation) — Sink may refer to:* Sink, a bowl shaped fixture, usually made of porcelain or stainless steel, that is used for washing hands or small objects * Sink (geography), an area of dry land below sea level, for example the Salton Sink * Sink… …   Wikipedia

  • Network coding — is a technique where, instead of simply relaying the packets of information they receive, the nodes of a network will take several packets and combine them together for transmission. This can be used to attain the maximum possible information… …   Wikipedia

  • Sink or Swim (video game) — Sink or Swim Developer(s) Zeppelin Games Publisher(s) Zeppelin Premier …   Wikipedia

  • Network dynamics — is the study of networks that change in time. These networks could be from the fields of biology, sociology, economics, computer science, graph theory etc. For a dynamical systems approach to network dynamics, see sequential dynamical system. See …   Wikipedia

  • Flow network — In graph theory, a flow network is a directed graph where each edge has a capacity and each edge receives a flow. The amount of flow on an edge cannot exceed the capacity of the edge. Often in Operations Research, a directed graph is called a… …   Wikipedia

  • Transportation network (graph theory) — A transportation network is a type of directed, weighted graph or network.Transportation networks are used to model the flow of commodity, information, or traffic (see transport network). Definitions A transportation network G is a graph with… …   Wikipedia

  • Battle of the Network Reality Stars — is a television series that aired on the Bravo channel in the US in August and September 2005. Based on the popular 1970s and 1980s television competition Battle of the Network Stars, the show consisted of thirty three competitors from several… …   Wikipedia

  • Eric Sink — is a software developer and writer. He is the author of Eric Sink on the Business of Software (2006), a collection of essays from his blog and the Business of Software column for the Microsoft Developer Network. He founded SourceGear, which sells …   Wikipedia

  • Access network — An access network is that part of a telecommunications network which connects subscribers to their immediate service provider. It is contrasted with the core network, (for example the Network Switching Subsystem in GSM) which connects local… …   Wikipedia

  • Mail-sink — Smtp sink is a utility program in the Postfix Mail package that implements a black hole function.. It listens on the named host (or address) and port. It accepts SMTP messages from the network and discards them. The purpose is to support… …   Wikipedia

  • Sorting network — A sorting network is an abstract mathematical model of a network of wires and comparator modules that is used to sort a sequence of numbers. Each comparator connects two wires and sort the values by outputting the smaller value to one wire, and a …   Wikipedia

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