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liquid hydrazine

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  • Hydrazine — For the antidepressant, see Hydrazine (antidepressant). Hydrazine …   Wikipedia

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  • Hydrazine — sulfate, an alternative medicine that has been claimed to be a treatment for cancer. It has been used as a first line agent in cancer therapy and as a treatment for cancer related anorexia (loss of appetite) and cachexia (loss of muscle mass and… …   Medical dictionary

  • hydrazine — [hī′drə zēn΄, hī′drəzin] n. [ HYDR(O) + AZINE] a colorless, corrosive, liquid base, H2NNH2, used as a jet and rocket fuel, a reducing agent, antioxidant, etc …   English World dictionary

  • Liquid Propellants in Various Flight Vehicles, Table — ▪ Table rocket oxidizer fuel German V 2 liquid oxygen ethyl alcohol water (75% 25%) Atlas ICBM liquid oxygen RP 1 (kerosene) Delta First stage liquid oxygen RP 1 (kerosene) Second stage nitrogen tetroxide hydrazine UDMH* (50% 50%) Saturn First… …   Universalium

  • Liquid rocket propellants — The highest specific impulse chemical rockets use liquid propellants. This type of propellent has a long history going back to the first rockets and is still in use in for example the Space Shuttle and Ariane 5. History Early developmentOn March… …   Wikipedia

  • hydrazine — /huy dreuh zeen /, n. 1. Also called diamine. a colorless, oily, fuming liquid, N2H4, that is a weak base in solution and forms a large number of salts resembling ammonium salts: used chiefly as a reducing agent and a jet propulsion fuel. 2. a… …   Universalium

  • hydrazine hydrate — noun : a colorless liquid base N2H4.H2O made usually by reaction of sodium hypochlorite and ammonia or urea and used for the same purposes as hydrazine …   Useful english dictionary

  • hydrazine — noun Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary Date: 1887 a colorless fuming corrosive strongly reducing liquid base N2H4 used especially in fuels for rocket and jet engines; also an organic base derived from this compound …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • hydrazine — noun a) A corrosive, fuming liquid, NH NH, used as a rocket fuel. b) Any member of the class of organic compounds formally derived from NH NH …   Wiktionary

  • hydrazine — [ hʌɪdrəzi:n] noun Chemistry a volatile alkaline liquid with powerful reducing properties, used in some rocket fuels. [N2H4.] Origin C19: from hydrogen + azo + ine4 …   English new terms dictionary

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