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linear pull

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  • brakes linear pull — see linear pull brakes …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • linear pull brakes — A generic term for a V Brake. Shimano owns the copyright on V Brake so any component company which makes a brake similar to Shimano s must use this term to describe it …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • Linear system of divisors — A linear system of divisors algebraicizes the classic geometric notion of a family of curves, as in the Apollonian circles. In algebraic geometry, a linear system of divisors is an algebraic generalization of the geometric notion of a family of… …   Wikipedia

  • Load pull — and Source pull are the processes of altering (pulling) the impedances at the output and input, respectively, of an RF device or component whilst measuring the device behaviour. This can be necessary when the device under test has a non linear… …   Wikipedia

  • Ultra-Linear — is a term used to describe a type of electronic circuit that is used to couple a tetrode or pentode vacuum tube (also called electron valve ) to a load (e.g. to a loudspeaker).The circuit was developed by Alan Blumlein and patented in 1937 (… …   Wikipedia

  • Bicycle brake systems — are used to slow down, or brake a bicycle. There have been various types through history, and several are still in use today.HistoryEarly bicycles such as the high wheeled penny farthing bikes were fitted with spoon brakes. As they were fixed… …   Wikipedia

  • Bicycle brake — Animation of a single pivot side pull calliper brake for the rear wheel of a steel framed road bike. A bicycle brake is used to slow down or stop a bicycle. There have been various types of brake used throughout history, and several are still in… …   Wikipedia

  • Cyclo-cross bicycle — Giant TCX Cyclo cross bicycle outfitted for road riding A cyclo cross bicycle is a bicycle specifically designed for the rigors of a cyclo cross race.[1] Cyclo cross bicycles roughly resemble the racing bicycles used in road racing. Th …   Wikipedia

  • Bicycle — For other uses, see Bicycle (disambiguation). A mountain bike, a popular multi use bicycle. A bicycle, also known as a bike, pushbike or cycle, is a human powered, pedal driven, single track vehicle, having two wheels attached to a frame, one… …   Wikipedia

  • Touring bicycle — A touring bicycle is a bicycle either specially designed for, or modified to handle bicycle touring. A touring bike differs from other bicycles in its superior ability to carry luggage on racks mounted to the front and rear of the bicycle frame.… …   Wikipedia

  • Hybrid bicycle — For motorized pedal hybrids, see motorized bicycle. The 2005 Giant Innova is an example of a typical 700c hybrid bicycle. It has 27 speeds, front fork and seat suspension, an adjustable stem and disc brakes for wet weather riding. A hybrid… …   Wikipedia

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