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hedging rate

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  • macro hedging — Hedging the net risk exposure of an entity s entire portfolio or balance sheet. As opposed to micro hedging a single instrument. In interest rate risk management, macro hedging involves hedging the net mismatch or the net duration for the entire… …   Financial and business terms

  • micro hedging — Hedging the interest rate risk exposure of a single asset or liability. See macro hedging, its converse. American Banker Glossary …   Financial and business terms

  • Interest rate swap — An interest rate swap is a derivative in which one party exchanges a stream of interest payments for another party s stream of cash flows. Interest rate swaps can be used by hedgers to manage their fixed or floating assets and liabilities. They… …   Wikipedia

  • Natural Hedging — (deutsch: „natürliche Absicherung“; von engl. to hedge [hɛdʒ], „absichern“) ist ein anglo amerikanischer Begriff aus der Betriebswirtschaftslehre, der sich auch in der deutschen Fachsprache eingebürgert hat. Ziel des Natural Hedging ist es die… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Interest rate cap and floor — Interest rate c An interest rate cap is a derivative in which the buyer receives payments at the end of each period in which the interest rate exceeds the agreed strike price. An example of a cap would be an agreement to receive a payment for… …   Wikipedia

  • Interest rate derivative — An interest rate derivative is a derivative where the underlying asset is the right to pay or receive a (usually notional) amount of money at a given interest rate.The interest rate derivatives market is the largest derivatives market in the… …   Wikipedia

  • interest rate hedging — UK US noun [U] FINANCE ► the activity of using financial products to protect against future changes in interest rates: »Interest rate hedging helps protect your borrowing from the risk of fluctuations in interest rates …   Financial and business terms

  • Fuel hedging — is a contractual tool used by some airlines to stabilize jet fuel costs. A fuel hedge contract commits an airline to paying a pre determined price for future jet fuel purchases. Airlines enter into such contracts as a bet that future jet fuel… …   Wikipedia

  • Interest rate risk — is the risk (variability in value) borne by an interest bearing asset, such as a loan or a bond, due to variability of interest rates. In general, as rates rise, the price of a fixed rate bond will fall, and vice versa. Interest rate risk is… …   Wikipedia

  • currency hedging — currency hedge UK US noun [C] FINANCE, STOCK MARKET ► an agreement to buy a currency at a particular rate in the future. Companies that export goods use currency hedges to be certain about the amount they will receive for particular goods when… …   Financial and business terms

  • Interest Rate Collar — An investment strategy that uses derivatives to hedge an investor s exposure to interest rate fluctuations. The investor purchases an interest rate ceiling for a premium, which is offset by selling an interest rate floor. This strategy protects… …   Investment dictionary

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