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heated floor

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  • floor covering — Finish material on floors, including wood strips, parquet, linoleum, vinyl, asphalt tile, rubber, cork, epoxy resins, ceramic tile, and carpeting. Wood strip flooring, attached to a subfloor of plywood, is most popular, especially for residences …   Universalium

  • Floor, wall, or pipeless furnace —   Space heating equipment consisting of a ductless combustor or resistance unit, having an enclosed chamber where fuel is burned or where electrical resistance heat is generated to warm the rooms of a building. A floor furnace is located below… …   Energy terms

  • Floor — A floor is the walking surface of a room or vehicle. Floors vary from simple dirt in a cave to many layered surfaces using modern technology. Floors may be stone, wood, bamboo, metal, or other material that can hold a person s weight.Floors… …   Wikipedia

  • Heated air inlet — For other uses, see Warm air intake (disambiguation).A heated air inlet or warm air intake is a system commonly used on the original air cleaner assemblies of carburetted engines to increase the temperature of the air going into the engine for… …   Wikipedia

  • floor furnace — noun : a small pipeless furnace located close below the floor and used especially in houses having no basement * * * a small self contained furnace placed just below the floor of the space to be heated. [1950 55] …   Useful english dictionary

  • floor furnace — a small self contained furnace placed just below the floor of the space to be heated. [1950 55] * * * …   Universalium

  • Measured heated area of residence —   The floor area of the housing unit that is enclosed from the weather and heated. Basements are included whether or not they contain finished space. Garages are included if they have a wall in common with the house. Attics that have finished… …   Energy terms

  • The Face on the Barroom Floor (painting) — The Face on the Barroom Floor is a painting on the floor of the Teller House Bar in Central City, Colorado, United States. It was painted in 1936 by Herndon Davis.tory of the paintingDavis had been commissioned by the Central City Opera… …   Wikipedia

  • Radiant Floor —   A type of radiant heating system where the building floor contains channels or tubes through which hot fluids such as air or water are circulated. The whole floor is evenly heated. Thus, the room heats from the bottom up. Radiant floor heating… …   Energy terms

  • Malt floor — Malt Malt, a. Relating to, containing, or made with, malt. [1913 Webster] {Malt liquor}, an alcoholic liquor, as beer, ale, porter, etc., prepared by fermenting an infusion of malt. {Malt dust}, fine particles of malt, or of the grain used in… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Underfloor heating — Heat can be provided by circulating heated water or by electric cable, mesh, or film heaters.Underfloor heating can be used with concrete and wooden floors, with all types of floor covering (e.g., stone, tile, wood, vinyl, and carpet), and at… …   Wikipedia

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