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glacial phase

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  • Glacial Lake Minong — was a proglacial lake that formed in the Lake Superior basin during the Wisconsin glaciation around 10,000 B.P. (Before Present). This was the last glacial advance that entered Michigan and only covered part of the upper peninsula. Lake Minong… …   Wikipedia

  • Glacial lake outburst flood — A glacial lake outburst flood (GLOF) can occur when a lake contained by a glacier (called Jökulhlaup if it was a subglacial lake, marginal lake drainage if it was dammed between ice and the ground) or a terminal moraine dam fails. This can happen …   Wikipedia

  • Glacial history of Minnesota — The glacial history of Minnesota is most defined since the onset of the last glacial period, which ended some 10,000 years ago. Within the last million years, most of the Midwestern United States and much of Canada were covered at one time or… …   Wikipedia

  • Last glacial period — Last glacial redirects here. For the period of maximum glacier extent during this time, see Last Glacial Maximum. The last glacial period was the most recent glacial period within the current ice age occurring during the last years of the… …   Wikipedia

  • Post-glacial rebound — A model of present day mass change due to post glacial rebound and the reloading of the ocean basins with seawater. Blue and purple areas indicate rising due to the removal of the ice sheets. Yellow and red areas indicate falling as mantle… …   Wikipedia

  • Acide acétique glacial — Acide acétique Acide acétique Formule topologique et repr …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Ultimo Máximo Glacial — Saltar a navegación, búsqueda Mapa de los cambios de temperaturas superficiales de los oceanos y extension de los hielos durante el Ultimo Máximo Glacial segun el proyecto CLIMAP. El Último Máximo Glacial (LGM) se refiere a la época de máxima… …   Wikipedia Español

  • Último Máximo Glacial — Mapa de los cambios de temperaturas superficiales de los oceanos y extension de los hielos durante el Último Máximo Glacial según el proyecto CLIMAP. El Último Máximo Glacial (conocido por sus siglas en inglés, LGM, de Last Glacial Maximum) se… …   Wikipedia Español

  • Last Glacial Maximum — The Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) refers to the time of maximum extent of the ice sheets during the last glaciation (the Würm or Wisconsin glaciation), approximately 20,000 years ago. This extreme persisted for several thousand years. At this time,… …   Wikipedia

  • Fossil-fuel phase-out — A fossil fuel phase out are plans for transport electrification, decommissioning of operating fossil fuel fired power plants and prevention of the construction of new fossil fuel fired power stations. The purpose of this is to decrease the high… …   Wikipedia

  • Nodena Phase — The Nodena Phase and some of its associated sites The Nodena Phase is an archaeological phase in eastern Arkansas and southeastern Missouri of the Late Mississippian culture which dates from about 1400–1650 CE. The Nodena Phase is known from a… …   Wikipedia

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