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fire-extinguishing agent

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  • Twin agent fire extinguishing system — A Twin Agent Fire Extinguishing System (TAFES) incorporates the benefits of dry chemical and foam (AFFF or CAFS). Most commonly used for AR FF operations and in industrial areas with high class B hazards. The dry chemical usually Purple K (and in …   Wikipedia

  • Fire extinguisher — Extinguisher redirects here. Extinguisher may also refer to a candle snuffer. A stored pressure fire extinguisher …   Wikipedia

  • Fire classes — Comparison of fire classes American European Australian/Asian Fuel/Heat source Class A Class A Class A Ordinary combustibles Class B Class B Class B Flammable liquids Class C Class C Flammable gases Class C UNCLASSIFIED Class E …   Wikipedia

  • Fire apparatus — A fire apparatus, fire engine, fire truck, or fire appliance is a vehicle designed to assist in fighting fires, by transporting firefighters to the scene, and providing them with access, water or other equipment. In some areas, the terms fire… …   Wikipedia

  • fire engine — noun Date: circa 1680 a usually mobile apparatus for directing an extinguishing agent upon fires; especially fire truck …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Condensed aerosol fire suppression — Nozzle of a mounted aerosol fire suppression system Condensed aerosol fire suppression is a particle based form of fire extinction similar to gaseous fire suppression or dry chemical fire extinction. The aerosol employs a fire extinguishing agent …   Wikipedia

  • Automatic fire suppression — While fire fighting may be defined as the act of extinguishing destructive fires, automatic fire suppression is more of means to control and extinguish fires before they become destructive and without human intervention.According to the National… …   Wikipedia

  • Arctic Fire — Freeze (also known as AFF [A double F] ) is a brand of liquid fire extinguishing agent that emulsifies flammable liquids and cools super heated materials quicker than water or ordinary foam. Designed to be applied to materials and human skin. The …   Wikipedia

  • Fire fighting foam — Firefighters sprayed foam on structures in the Mammoth Hot Springs complex on September 10, 1988 during the Yellowstone Fires. Fire fighting foam is a foam used for fire suppression. Its role is to cool the fire and to coat the fuel, preventing… …   Wikipedia

  • Gaseous fire suppression — Canisters containing argon gas for use in extinguishing fire in a server room without damaging equipment. Gaseous fire suppression is a term to describe the use of inert gases and chemical agents to extinguish a fire. Also called Clean Agent Fire …   Wikipedia

  • Class D fire extinguisher — A Class D fire extinguisher is used to extinguish metal fires. The fire extinguisher contains either sodium chloride, graphite or copper powder and pressurized with nitrogen. odium chlorideA special blended sodium chloride based dry powder… …   Wikipedia

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