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  • 1 excited

    adj. upphetsad
    * * *
    adjective upphetsad, uppjagad, upprörd

    English-Swedish dictionary > excited

  • 2 excited ion

    exciterad jon (jon som inte är stabil vad gäller energin)

    English-Swedish dictionary > excited ion

  • 3 got all excited

    blev begeistrad, blev entusiastisk

    English-Swedish dictionary > got all excited

  • 4 got excited

    blev uppjagad

    English-Swedish dictionary > got excited

  • 5 somewhat excited

    något upphetsad

    English-Swedish dictionary > somewhat excited

  • 6 keyed up

    (excited; tense.) upphetsad, uppjagad

    English-Swedish dictionary > keyed up

  • 7 excite

    n. välkänd sökrobot på Internet
    * * *
    1) (to cause or rouse strong feelings of expectation, happiness etc in: The children were excited at the thought of the party.) hetsa (jaga) upp, uppröra
    2) (to cause or rouse (feelings, emotions etc): The book did not excite my interest.) []väcka, framkalla
    - excitability
    - excited
    - excitedly
    - excitement
    - exciting

    English-Swedish dictionary > excite

  • 8 agitate

    v. uppröra, agitera; hetsa upp massorna; besvära; skaka
    * * *
    1) (to make (someone) excited and anxious: The news agitated her.) uppröra
    2) (to try to arouse public feeling and action: That group is agitating for prison reform.) agitera, uppvigla
    3) (to shake: The tree was agitated by the wind.) skaka
    - agitation
    - agitator

    English-Swedish dictionary > agitate

  • 9 agog

    adj. i spänd förväntan; ivrig
    * * *
    (eager and excited: We were all agog at the news.) ivrig, spänd

    English-Swedish dictionary > agog

  • 10 be all fingers and thumbs / my etc fingers are all thumbs

    (to be very awkward or clumsy in handling or holding things: He was so excited that his fingers were all thumbs and he dropped the cup.) vara fumlig (valhänt)

    English-Swedish dictionary > be all fingers and thumbs / my etc fingers are all thumbs

  • 11 be/get wound up

    (to be, or get, in a very excited or anxious state.) vara/bli upphetsad

    English-Swedish dictionary > be/get wound up

  • 12 calm

    adj. stilla, lugn, fridfull
    n. lugn, frid
    v. lugna, stilla
    * * *
    1. adjective
    1) (still or quiet: a calm sea; The weather was calm.) lugn
    2) (not anxious or excited: a calm person/expression; Please keep calm!) lugn
    2. noun
    1) ((a period of) absence of wind and large waves.) vindstilla, stiltje
    2) (peace and quiet: He enjoyed the calm of the library.) lugn, stillhet
    3. verb
    (to make calm: Calm yourself!) lugna sig, lugna ngn
    - calmness
    - calm down

    English-Swedish dictionary > calm

  • 13 carry

    n. skjutbana; båttransportering på land; transportering
    v. bära; frakta; framföra; fortsätta
    * * *
    1) (to take from one place etc to another: She carried the child over the river; Flies carry disease.) bära []
    2) (to go from one place to another: Sound carries better over water.) färdas, kunna höras
    3) (to support: These stone columns carry the weight of the whole building.) bära upp
    4) (to have or hold: This job carries great responsibility.) medföra, innebära
    5) (to approve (a bill etc) by a majority of votes: The parliamentary bill was carried by forty-two votes.) gå igenom, bli antagen
    6) (to hold (oneself) in a certain way: He carries himself like a soldier.) föra sig

    ((slang) a fuss; excited behaviour.) huserande, härjande

    ((of bags or cases) that passengers can carry with them on board a plane.) hand-, kabin-

    - carry-cot
    - be/get carried away
    - carry forward
    - carry off
    - carry on
    - carry out
    - carry weight

    English-Swedish dictionary > carry

  • 14 cool down

    kylas av; lugna ner sig
    * * *
    1) (to make or become less warm: Let your food cool down a bit!) svalna
    2) (to make or become less excited or less emotional: He was very angry but he's cooled down now.) lugna ner []

    English-Swedish dictionary > cool down

  • 15 excitable

    adj. känslosam
    * * *
    adjective (easily becoming excited or upset.) lättretlig, hetsig, lättrörd

    English-Swedish dictionary > excitable

  • 16 exuberant

    adj. vital; full av energi; överflödande
    * * *
    (happy and excited or in high spirits: an exuberant mood.) sprudlande

    English-Swedish dictionary > exuberant

  • 17 ferment

    n. jäst, jäsningsämne; jäsning, enzym; jäsning; jäsande; upphetsning, iver
    v. jäsa; få att jäsa
    * * *
    1. [fə'ment] verb
    1) (to (make something) go through a particular chemical change (as when yeast is added to dough in the making of bread): Grape juice must be fermented before it becomes wine.) jäsa, fermentera
    2) (to excite or be excited: He is the kind of person to ferment trouble.) hetsa upp, uppröra
    2. ['fə:ment] noun
    (a state of excitement: The whole city was in a ferment.) jäsning, oro

    English-Swedish dictionary > ferment

  • 18 feverish

    adj. febrig, som har feber; feber-; het, brinnande, spänd; febersmittad; feberframkallande
    * * *
    1) (having a slight fever: She seems a bit feverish tonight.) febrig, feberhet
    2) (restlessly excited: a feverish air.) feberaktig, febril

    English-Swedish dictionary > feverish

  • 19 frantic

    adj. vanvettig, rasande, utom sig, ursinnig
    * * *
    1) (anxious or very worried: The frantic mother searched for her child.) utom (ifrån) sig
    2) (wildly excited: the frantic pace of modern life.) vanvettig, hektisk

    English-Swedish dictionary > frantic

  • 20 freak out

    ball ur, att bli väldigt upprymd, bli galen, tappa fattningen, att plötsligt ändra humör
    * * *
    to become very excited, especially because of having taken drugs (noun freak-out) bli hög (påtänd)

    English-Swedish dictionary > freak out

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