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effect (noun)

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  • effect — ► NOUN 1) a change which is a result or consequence of an action or other cause. 2) the state of being or becoming operative. 3) the extent to which something succeeds or is operative: wind power can be used to great effect. 4) (effects) personal …   English terms dictionary

  • effect*/*/*/ — [ɪˈfekt] noun I 1) [C/U] a change that is produced in one person or thing by another Scientists are studying the chemical s effect on the environment.[/ex] Any change in lifestyle will have an effect on your health.[/ex] The new tax rates will… …   Dictionary for writing and speaking English

  • effect — ef·fect 1 n 1: something that is produced by an agent or cause 2 pl: personal property (1) at property: goods …   Law dictionary

  • Effect — Effect, from Latin effectus performance, accomplishment can be used in various meanings: * Any result of another action or circumstance (see pragma , phenomenon, list of effects); * Cause and effect are the relata of causality; * In movies and… …   Wikipedia

  • effect — noun 1》 a change which is a result or consequence of an action or other cause.     ↘an impression produced in a person s mind: his words had a soothing effect. 2》 the state of being or becoming operative: the law came into effect.     ↘the extent …   English new terms dictionary

  • effect size — UK US noun [C or U] ► a measure of the relationship between two variables (= numbers or amounts that can change), as a way of stating how large the effect of one of the variables is: »Employment is the single most effective factor in reducing re… …   Financial and business terms

  • effect size — noun A measure of the strength or magnitude of the effect of an independent variable on a dependent variable in an experiment or a quasi experiment. Syn: treatment effect, ATE …   Wiktionary

  • effect — I. noun Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo French & Latin; Anglo French, from Latin effectus, from efficere to bring about, from ex + facere to make, do more at do Date: 14th century 1. a. purport, intent b. basic meaning ; essence …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • effect — ▪ I. effect ef‧fect 1 [ɪˈfekt] noun 1. [countable, uncountable] the way in which an action, event, or person changes someone or something: • Inflation is having a disastrous effect on the economy. demonˈstration efˌfect [singular] …   Financial and business terms

  • ripple effect — noun : a spreading, pervasive, and usually unintentional effect or influence the whole industry would be forced to close down, which would have a ripple effect on other industries Joe Klein compare domino effect herein * * * noun, pl ⋯ fects… …   Useful english dictionary

  • special effect — noun an effect used to produce scenes that cannot be achieved by normal techniques (especially on film) • Hypernyms: ↑effect • Hyponyms: ↑stage effect * * * noun : an often illusory effect introduced into a motion picture during processing of the …   Useful english dictionary

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