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disk striping

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  • Disk Striping —   [dt. »Plattenstreifen«], Verfahren, gleichartige Partitionen auf mehreren Festplatten so anzusprechen, als lägen sie direkt hintereinander (»an einem Streifen«) und bildeten eine einzige Partition. Die zusammengefassten Partitionen lassen sich… …   Universal-Lexikon

  • disk striping —    The technique of combining a set of disk partitions located on different hard disks into a single volume, creating a virtual stripe across the partitions that the operating system recognizes as a single drive. Disk striping can occur at the… …   Dictionary of networking

  • disk striping with parity —    The addition of parity information across a disk stripe so that if a single disk partition fails, the data on that disk can be re created from the information stored across the remaining partitions in the disk stripe.    See also disk… …   Dictionary of networking

  • Disk staging — is using disks as an additional, temporary stage of backup process before finally storing backup to tape. Backups stay on disk typically for a day or a week, before being copied to tape in a background process and deleted afterwards. The process… …   Wikipedia

  • Striping —   [dt. »streifenweise Nutzung«] das, blockweises Verteilen von Daten auf mehrere zusammengeschaltete Festplatten. Die Datenblöcke werden dabei gleichzeitig auf die Festplatten geschrieben bzw. von ihnen gelesen. Das Striping kommt bei Disk Arrays …   Universal-Lexikon

  • Striping — RAID (informatique) Pour les articles homonymes, voir Raid. En informatique, le mot RAID désigne une technologie permettant de stocker des données sur de multiples disques durs afin d améliorer, en fonction du type de RAID choisi, la tolérance… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Data striping — For other uses, see Strip (disambiguation). In computer data storage, data striping is the technique of segmenting logically sequential data, such as a file, in a way that accesses of sequential segments are made to different physical storage… …   Wikipedia

  • redundant array of inexpensive disks —    Abbreviated RAID. In networking and mission critical applications, a method of using several hard disk drives (often SCSI or Integrated Drive Electronics [IDE] drives) in an array to provide fault tolerance in the event that one or more than… …   Dictionary of networking

  • data protection —    Techniques used by network operating systems to ensure the integrity of data on the network, including protecting data against surface defects developing on the disk and storing redundant copies of important system data, such as file indices… …   Dictionary of networking

  • stripe set —    A single volume created across multiple hard disk drives and accessed in parallel to optimize disk access time.    See also disk striping; disk striping with parity …   Dictionary of networking

  • System Fault Tolerance —    Abbreviated SFT. In Novell NetWare, a method of duplicating data on several hard disks so that if one disk fails, the data is still available from another disk.    Several levels of hardware and software SFT are available in NetWare, with each …   Dictionary of networking

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