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cylindrical rotor machine

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  • rotor — /roh teuhr/, n. 1. Elect. a rotating member of a machine. Cf. stator (def. 1). 2. Aeron. a system of rotating airfoils, as the horizontal ones of a helicopter or of the compressor of a jet engine. 3. any of a number of tall, cylindrical devices… …   Universalium

  • rotor — /ˈroʊtə / (say rohtuh) noun 1. Electricity the rotating member of a machine (opposed to stator). 2. Aeronautics a system of rotating aerofoils, usually horizontal, as those of a helicopter. 3. Machinery the rotating assembly of blades in a… …  

  • Gramme machine — A Gramme machine or Gramme magneto. A Gramme machine, Gramme ring, Gramme magneto, or Gramme dynamo is an electrical generator which produces direct current, named for its Belgian inventor, Zénobe Gramme, and was built as either a dynamo or a… …   Wikipedia

  • Rigid rotor — The rigid rotor is a mechanical model that is used to explain rotating systems. An arbitrary rigid rotor is a 3 dimensional rigid object, such as a top. To orient such an object in space three angles are required. A special rigid rotor is the… …   Wikipedia

  • машина с цилиндрическим ротором — — [Я.Н.Лугинский, М.С.Фези Жилинская, Ю.С.Кабиров. Англо русский словарь по электротехнике и электроэнергетике, Москва] Тематики электротехника, основные понятия EN cylindrical rotor machineround rotor machine …   Справочник технического переводчика

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