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corporate borrowing

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  • corporate borrowing — ➔ borrowing * * * corporate borrowing UK US noun [U] ► FINANCE the borrowing of money by companies rather than by governments or individual people: »Four fifths of European corporate borrowing is by financial institutions. »In the past year… …   Financial and business terms

  • borrowing costs — UK US noun [plural] ► FINANCE, BANKING costs, especially interest, connected with borrowing money: cut/lower/reduce borrowing costs »The Bank of England recently cut borrowing costs from 4% to 3.75%. » corporate borrowing costs »Experts say an… …   Financial and business terms

  • borrowing — A futures trade on the LME involving the buying of near dated contracts and the selling of long dated contracts. An example of a carry ( carrying). The equivalent of an intramarket spread trade sometimes known as buying the spread . Dresdner… …   Financial and business terms

  • Corporate-owned life insurance — (COLI), also known as dead peasant life insurance[1] or janitors insurance[2], is life insurance on employees lives that is owned by the employer, with benefits payable to the employer. When the employer is a bank, it is known as a bank owned… …   Wikipedia

  • Corporate finance — Corporate finance …   Wikipedia

  • borrowing powers — the power of a public or corporate body to borrow. Most public bodies are invested by statute with power to borrow; the extent of any power in a particular case will depend on the precise language of the statute concerned (see Att. Gen. v. De… …   Law dictionary

  • Corporate trust — In the most basic sense of the term, A corporate trust is a trust created by a corporation.[1] However, the term in the United States is most often used to describe the business activities of many financial services companies and banks that… …   Wikipedia

  • Corporate law in Vietnam — Vietnamese corporate law was based on the French commercial law system. However, since Vietnam s independence in 1945, it has largely been influenced by the ruling Communist Party. Currently, the main sources of Corporate Law are the Law on… …   Wikipedia

  • Corporate Refinancing — The process through which a company reorganizes its debt obligations by replacing or restructuring existing debts. Refinancing may also involve issuing equity to pay off a percentage of debt. Debt is replaced or refunded by a company with money… …   Investment dictionary

  • stock — n 1 a: the equipment, materials, or supplies of a business b: a store or supply accumulated; esp: the inventory of the goods of a merchant or manufacturer 2: the ownership element in a corporation usu. divided into shares and represented by… …   Law dictionary

  • Rust Belt — Change in total number of manufacturing jobs in metropolitan areas, 1954 2002. (Figures for New England are from 1958.) Maroon=greater than 58% loss Red=43% 56% loss Pink=31% 43.2% loss Yellow=8.7% 29.1% loss [United States average: 8.65% loss]… …   Wikipedia

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