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contrast enhancement

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  • contrast — ► NOUN 1) the state of being noticeably different from something else when put or considered together. 2) a thing or person noticeably different from another. 3) the degree of difference between tones in a television picture, photograph, etc. 4)… …   English terms dictionary

  • enhancement — 1. The act of augmenting. 2. In immunology, the prolongation of a process or event by suppressing an opposing process. acoustic e. a manifestation of increased echo amplitude returning from regions beyond an object, such as a fluid filled cyst,… …   Medical dictionary

  • Contrast medium — A medical contrast medium (or contrast agent) is a substance used to enhance the contrast of structures or fluids within the body in medical imaging.[1] It is commonly used to enhance the visibility of blood vessels and the gastrointestinal tract …   Wikipedia

  • Contrast effect — A contrast effect is the enhancement or diminishment, relative to normal, of perception, cognition and related performance as a result of immediately previous or simultaneous exposure to a stimulus of lesser or greater value in the same dimension …   Wikipedia

  • Contrast — Short for contrast media. Contrast media are X ray dyes used to provide contrast, for example, between blood vessels and other tissue. * * * 1. A comparison in which differences are demonstrated or enhanced. 2. In radiology, the difference… …   Medical dictionary

  • contrast — noun kɒntrα:st 1》 the state of being strikingly different from something else in juxtaposition or close association.     ↘the degree of difference between tones in a television picture, photograph, etc.     ↘enhancement of the apparent brightness …   English new terms dictionary

  • Display contrast — Contrast in visual perception is the difference in appearance of two or more parts of a field seen simultaneously or successively (hence: brightness contrast, lightness contrast, color contrast, simultaneous contrast, successive contrast, etc.).… …   Wikipedia

  • Enzyme-activated MR contrast agents — Molecular imaging is broadly defined as the visualization of molecular and cellular processes on either a macro or microscopic level. Because of its high spatial resolution and ability to noninvasively visualize internal organs, magnetic… …   Wikipedia

  • Signal enhancement by extravascular water protons — Signal Enhancement by Extravascular water Protons, or SEEP, is a contrast mechanism for functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), which is an alternative to the more commonly employed BOLD (blood oxygen level dependent) contrast. This… …   Wikipedia

  • Shadow and highlight enhancement — refers to an image processing technique to correct exposure. Images with over and under exposed areas can be recovered with the Shadow/Highlight tool in Photoshop. Though this tool can be used to darken overexposed highlights, it is used… …   Wikipedia

  • edge enhancement — a sharp increase in contrast on a xeroradiograph where there is an abrupt difference in the tissue densities of adjacent structures …   Medical dictionary

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