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chromosome damage

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  • membrane-mediated chromosome damage — membrane mediated chromosome damage. См. опосредованное клеточной мембраной. (Источник: «Англо русский толковый словарь генетических терминов». Арефьев В.А., Лисовенко Л.А., Москва: Изд во ВНИРО, 1995 г.) …   Молекулярная биология и генетика. Толковый словарь.

  • Chromosome 1, 1p36 deletion syndrome — Infobox Disease Name = PAGENAME Caption = DiseasesDB = 34535 ICD10 = ICD9 = ICDO = OMIM = 607872 MedlinePlus = eMedicineSubj = eMedicineTopic = eMedicine mult = MeshID = Chromosome 1, 1p36 deletion syndrome is a medical condition caused by a rare …   Wikipedia

  • Chromosome regions — Diagram of a duplicated and condensed (metaphase) eukaryotic chromosome. (1) Chromatid one of the two identical parts of the chromosome after S phase. (2) Centromere the point where the two chromatids touch, and where the microtubules attach. (3) …   Wikipedia

  • DNA damage-binding protein — damage specific DNA binding protein 1, 127kDa Identifiers Symbol DDB1 Alt. symbols XPE Entrez 1642 …   Wikipedia

  • Ring chromosome — A ring chromosome is a chromosome whose arms have fused together to form a ring. A ring chromosome is denoted by the symbol r. Ring chromosomes may form in cells following genetic damage by mutagens like radiation, they may also arise… …   Wikipedia

  • DNA damage theory of aging — The DNA damage theory of aging proposes that aging is a consequence of unrepaired DNA damage accumulation. Damage in this context includes chemical reactions that mutate DNA and/or interfere with DNA replication. Although both mitochondrial and… …   Wikipedia

  • DNA damage-inducible transcript 3 — Identifiers Symbols DDIT3; CEBPZ; CHOP; CHOP 10; CHOP10; GADD153; MGC4154 External IDs …   Wikipedia

  • Jean Moutschen-Dahmen — Jean Hubert Moutschen Dahmen est un généticien belge de l Université de Liège, né à Jupille sur Meuse, près de Liège le 3 août 1929 et décédé à Olne, près de Verviers en 2001. Il est spécialiste en cytologie génétique et en toxicologie… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Radiation hormesis — (also called Radiation homeostasis) is the hypothesis that chronic low doses of ionizing radiation are beneficial, stimulating repair mechanisms that protect against disease.Cite journal doi = 10.1038/421691a issn = 0028 0836 volume = 421 issue …   Wikipedia

  • Chromium — This article is about the chemical element. For other uses, see Chromium (disambiguation). vanadium ← chromium → manganese ↑ Cr ↓ Mo …   Wikipedia

  • Geomagnetic storm — This article is about disturbances within Earth s magnetosphere. For other uses of magnetic storm , see Magnetic storm (disambiguation). Solar particles interact with Earth s magnetosphere. A geomagnetic storm is a temporary disturbance of the… …   Wikipedia

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