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canopy system

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  • Canopy research — is the field of scientific research based upon data collected in the canopy of trees.Objects* Description of plant and animal species residing in the tree summits. Mainly ancient forests and tropical forests are studied. * Study of forest… …   Wikipedia

  • Canopy (grape) — Grape vines and their canopies In viticulture, the canopy of a grapevine includes the parts of the vine visible aboveground the trunk, cordon, stems, leaves, flowers, and fruit. The canopy plays a key role in light energy capture via… …   Wikipedia

  • Canopy (wireless) — Motorola Canopy is a wireless networking system designed for WISPs (wireless internet service providers) that operates in both the point to point and point to multipoint architectures. Canopy can be deployed in various network topologies such as… …   Wikipedia

  • Canopy (vine) — The canopy of a grapevine includes the parts of the vine visible above ground the trunk, cordon, stems, leaves, and fruit. Management of the canopy is an important viticultural task due to its affect on grape yields, quality, vigour and the… …   Wikipedia

  • Canopy (forest) — The canopy is one of the uppermost levels of a forest, below the emergent layer, formed by the tree crowns. Canopy trees refers to the trees in a forest which form the canopy. The uneven layers of the canopy is formed by both dominant and co… …   Wikipedia

  • Canopy HTTPd — Infobox Software name = Canopy HTTPd developer = Jean Francois Brousseau latest release version = 0.2 latest release date = September 12 2007 programming language = ANSI C operating system = Cross platform genre = Web server status = Active… …   Wikipedia

  • Canopy (Parachute) — The term Canopy is used by skydivers or parachutists to describe the actual parachute itself, as opposed to the parachute system as a whole.Where the general public would refer to a parachute as a whole unit, actual users would call it a… …   Wikipedia

  • System of Rice Intensification — The System of Rice Intensification (SRI) is a method of increasing the yield of rice produced in farming. It was invented in 1983 by the French Jesuit Father Henri de Laulanie in Madagascar. However full testing of the system did not occur until… …   Wikipedia

  • Vehicle canopy — This article is about vehicle canopies. For aircraft canopies, see Aircraft canopy. For other canopies, see Canopy. Lifting canopy on a Sterling Nova. A vehicle canopy is a rarely used type of door for cars. It has no official name so it is also… …   Wikipedia

  • Ram Air Progression System — RAPS or Ram Air Progression System is a parachuting training system designed to take a student from beginner to the FAI A License (or Category 8) using square ram air canopies.ystemThe RAPS system was developed from the Static Line Rounds system …   Wikipedia

  • Motorola Canopy — Type of signal: LOS (line of sight), NLOS Maximum range (miles) 120 miles PtMP, 155 miles PtP [1] Minimum range: 500 m (The Subscriber Modules (SMs) do not like having a full blast signal) Maximum data throughput (Mbit/s) 21Mbit/s for PtMP, 300… …   Wikipedia

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