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  • Cambered — Camber Cam ber, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Cambered}; p. pr. & vb. n. {Cambering}.] To cut bend to an upward curve; to construct, as a deck, with an upward curve. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • cambered — camber ► NOUN 1) a slightly convex or arched shape of a road, aircraft wing, or other horizontal surface. 2) Brit. a tilt built into a road at a bend or curve. 3) the slight sideways inclination of the front wheels of a motor vehicle. DERIVATIVES …   English terms dictionary

  • cambered — adjective Having camber …   Wiktionary

  • cambered — cam·bered || kæmbÉ™d adj. arched, curved cam·ber || kæmbÉ™ n. curvature; setting of automobile wheels v. arch; curve …   English contemporary dictionary

  • cambered otter board — an otter board, q.v., of trawl curved in fore and aft directions …   Dictionary of ichthyology

  • cambered wing — A wing section whose centerline is not coincident with the chord. See camber line …   Aviation dictionary

  • Cambered beam — ♦ With slight curve, the centre higher than the ends. (Wood, Margaret. The English Medieval House, 410) …   Medieval glossary

  • cambered axle — An axle that has a slight arch which curves upward at the center so that the wheels can tilt outward at the top. In this way it is better than an axle which might sag under load …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • Center of pressure — The center of pressure is the point on a body where the sum total of the aerodynamic pressure field acts, causing a force and no moment about that point. Mathematically it can be said that the net pressure force on the body acts through this… …   Wikipedia

  • Pitching moment — In aerodynamics, the pitching moment on an airfoil is the moment produced by the aerodynamic force on the airfoil if that aerodynamic force is considered to be applied, not at the center of pressure, but at the aerodynamic center of the airfoil.… …   Wikipedia

  • NACA airfoil — Profile geometry – 1: Zero lift line; 2: Leading edge; 3: Nose circle; 4: Camber; 5: Max. thickness; 6: Upper surface; 7: Trailing edge; 8: Camber mean line; 9: Lower surface …   Wikipedia

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