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bung hole

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  • bung|hole — «BUHNG HOHL», noun. the hole in the side or end of a barrel, keg, or cask through which it is filled and emptied …   Useful english dictionary

  • bung-hole — noun a) A hole in a vessel, such as a cask, that may be stopped with a bung. Pop a tap in the barrels bung hole so you can pour us a round of beer, innkeeper! b) The anus. Do you have TP? TP for my bung hole? …   Wiktionary

  • bung-hole —    A bung hole is literally the hole by which one empties a cask, removing the bung, or stopper, to do so. In American slang ‘bunghole’ is the equivalent of ‘asshole’, though it is used far less frequently. ‘Hey, you bung holes, Merry Christmas!’ …   A dictionary of epithets and terms of address

  • bung-hole — see spare at the spigot, and let out at the bung hole …   Proverbs new dictionary

  • spare at the spigot, and let out at the bung-hole — The meaning is explained in quot. 1721. The spigot is the peg or pin used to regulate the flow of liquid through the tap on a cask, while the bung hole is the (much larger) opening through which a cask is filled or emptied and which is closed by… …   Proverbs new dictionary

  • bung — 1. noun a) A stopper, alternative to a cork, often made of rubber used to prevent fluid passing through the neck of a bottle, vat, a hole in a vessel etc. With the heavy seas trying to broach the boat they baled and eventually found someone had… …   Wiktionary

  • bung — 1. n. & v. n. a stopper for closing a hole in a container, esp. a cask. v.tr. 1 stop with a bung. 2 Brit. sl. throw, toss. Phrases and idioms: bunged up closed, blocked. bung hole a hole for filling or emptying a cask etc. Etymology: MDu. bonghe… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Bung (disambiguation) — Bung may refer to: * Bung, an apparatus used to seal a container * Bung (band), a Canadian hard rock band * Bung Bong, Victoria, in Australia * Bung Enterprises, a defunct Hong Kong based manufacturer of video game accessories * Bung language, a… …   Wikipedia

  • bung — Ⅰ. bung [1] ► NOUN ▪ a stopper for a hole in a container. ► VERB 1) close with a bung. 2) (bung up) block up. ORIGIN Dutch bonghe. Ⅱ …   English terms dictionary

  • bung-vent — bungˈ vent noun A small hole in a bung to let gases escape, etc • • • Main Entry: ↑bung …   Useful english dictionary

  • bung — mid 15c., from M.Du. bonge stopper; or perhaps from Fr. bonde bung, bunghole (15c.), which may be of Germanic origin, or it may be from Gaul. bunda (Cf. O.Ir. bonn, Gael. bonn, Welsh bon base, sole of the foot ). It is possible that either or… …   Etymology dictionary

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