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blades tracking

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  • tracking — i. The process of following the movements of an object. This may be done by keeping the reticle of an optical system or a radar beam on the object, plotting its bearing and distance at frequent intervals, or a combination of the two. See track… …   Aviation dictionary

  • tracking flag/tracking stick — A wooden pole, with a white flag attached to it, used to touch the operating rotor blades, which have their tips covered with colored chalk. The marks left on the flag indicate the track of the main rotor. A wooden pole with a rubber wick coated… …   Aviation dictionary

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  • blade tracking — i. The process of determining the position of the tips of the propeller blades relative to each other. See blade track. ii. The mechanical procedure used to bring the blades of the rotor in satisfactory relationship with each other under dynamic… …   Aviation dictionary

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