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base helix

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  • Base excision repair — (BER) is a cellular mechanism that repairs damaged DNA throughout the cell cycle. Repairing DNA sequence errors is necessary so that mutations are not propagated or to remove lesions that may lead to breaks in the DNA during replication.Single… …   Wikipedia

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  • helix — [hē′liks] n. pl. helixes or helices [hel′i sēz΄] [L, kind of ivy, spiral < Gr, a spiral < helissein, to turn around < IE base * wel , to turn, twist > WALK] 1. any spiral, as one lying in a single plane or, esp., one moving around a… …   English World dictionary

  • Helix building — A helix building is a small structure at the base of a longwave or mediumwave radio transmitter. Within, there are capacitors and coils for coupling the signal from the feed cable to the antenna. Active components such as amplifiers are usually… …   Wikipedia

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  • helix — 1. [NA] The margin of the auricle; a folded rim of cartilage forming the upper part of the anterior, the superior, and the greater part of the posterior edges of the auricle. 2. A line in the shape of a coil (or a spring, or the threads on a bo …   Medical dictionary

  • Base pair — In molecular biology and genetics, the linking between two nitrogenous bases on opposite complementary DNA or certain types of RNA strands that are connected via hydrogen bonds is called a base pair (often abbreviated bp). In the canonical Watson …   Wikipedia

  • Base pair — Two DNA bases complementary to one another (A and T or G and C) that join the complementary strands of DNA to form the double helix characteristic of DNA. * * * base pair pa(ə)r, pe(ə)r n one of the pairs of nucleotide bases on complementary… …   Medical dictionary

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