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barrier sheet

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  • Sheet mulching — is a gardening and landscaping method that allows planting into or on top of the ground and is a form of no dig gardening: the process of covering any base or unwanted plant material including weeds, old lawn or open ground with a layers of… …   Wikipedia

  • Vapor barrier — 6 mil Polyethylene plastic sheet as vapor barrier between insulation and gypsum board …   Wikipedia

  • Great Barrier Reef — The Great Barrier Reef * UNESCO World Heritage Site …   Wikipedia

  • Jersey barrier — 42 inch (110 cm) high version of the Jersey barrier for deflecting automobiles and semi trailer trucks. A Jersey barrier or Jersey wall is a modular concrete barrier employed to separate lanes of traffic. It is designed to both minimize… …   Wikipedia

  • Expedition to the Barrier Peaks — DnDmodule| module title = Expedition to the Barrier Peaks module module code = S3 module rules = 1st Ed AD D module character levels = 8 12 module campaign = Greyhawk module authors = Gary Gygax module first published = 1980 series = S1 S2 S3 S4… …   Wikipedia

  • blood-thymus barrier — a barrier in the thymus that excludes certain substances, possibly constituted by the interposition of a sheet of epithelial cell processes around the periphery of the lobules and between the lymphocytes and the perivascular connective tissue …   Medical dictionary

  • Schottky barrier —   A cell barrier established as the interface between a semiconductor, such as silicon, and a sheet of metal.   Solar Electric Glossary …   Energy terms

  • Air Retarder/Barrier —   A material or structural element that inhibits air flow into and out of a building s envelope or shell. This is a continuous sheet composed of polyethylene, polypropylene, or extruded polystyrene. The sheet is wrapped around the outside of a… …   Energy terms

  • Radiant barrier —   A thin, reflective foil sheet that exhibits low radiant energy transmission and under certain conditions can block radiant heat transfer; installed in attics to reduce heat flow through a roof assembly into the living space.   U.S. Dept. of… …   Energy terms

  • vapor barrier — Thin plastic or metal foil sheet used in air conditioned structures to prevent water vapor from penetrating insulating material …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • ice barrier — noun : the outer margin of the antarctic ice sheet …   Useful english dictionary

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