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at length we convinced him

  • 1 at length we convinced him

    English-Russian combinatory dictionary > at length we convinced him

  • 2 length


    In what length must the rails be? They can be made any length. — Какой длины должны быть рельсы? Их можно сделать любой длины.

    We need more than one length of the pipe. — Одного отрезка трубы нам не хватит.

    The length of the room is twice its width. — Длина этой комнаты вдвое больше, чем ширина.

    - average length
    - considerable length
    - radio wave length
    - shoulder length hair
    - knee length skirt
    - length of a dress
    - short length of a steel chain
    - five inch length of rope
    - total length of the field
    - length of a train
    - length of march
    - of equal length
    - of the same length
    - at arm's length
    - over the whole length of the course
    - along the length of the shore
    - cut smth into equal lengths
    - cut into half-inch lengths
    - extend one's arm to its full length
    - extend to the length of twenty miles
    - go the length of the street
    - grow to reach a length of three or four metres
    - keep at arm's length
    - keep smb at arm's lenghth
    - lie on the ground at full length
    - measure one's sleeve length
    - stretch one's legs at full length
    - travel the length of the island
    - cut the speech to half its length
    - river is navigable for the whole of its length

    He was away for some length of time. — Его довольно долго не было здесь.

    He spoke for a length of time. — Он долго говорил.

    He would go to any length to get his own way. — Он не остановится ни перед чем, чтобы достичь своего.

    He went to great length to please her. — Он шел на все, чтобы угодить ей.

    Once he makes up his mind he would go to all length. — Уж если он что-либо решит, его ничем не остановишь.

    - hour's length
    - length of a holiday
    - length of a lifetime
    - length of service
    - length of a lease
    - length of a vowel
    - length of days
    - length of time required to do the job
    - length and the breadth of the place
    - stay of some length
    - in length of time
    - cut the report to half its length
    - do smth at length
    - report events at length
    - see a friend after a length of absence
    - speak at great length on the subject
    - at length he came to understand it
    - at length we convinced him
    - day arrived

    A book is not judged only by its length. — О книге судят не только по ее размеру/объему.

    It would require a length of text beyond the scope of a single volume. — Это потребует объема текста, выходящего за пределы одного тома.

    - dress length
    - length of a book
    - length of the examination paper
    - length of a film
    - length of cloth
    - length of wood
    - portrait at full length
    (1.) Русское устойчивое словосочетание во всю длину соответствует английскому at full length: to stretch one's legs at full length вытянуть ноги во всю длину; to fall on the ground at full length упасть на землю/растянуться во всю длину. (2.) See depth, n; USAGE (1.), (2.). (3.) See height, n; USAGE (1.), (2.).

    English-Russian combinatory dictionary > length

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