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armored windscreen panel

  • 1 armored windscreen panel

    Авиасловарь > armored windscreen panel

  • 2 panel

    1. панель < обшивки>; щиток
    2. приборная доска; щиток < управления>; пульт; (индикаторная) панель; табло
    access panel
    airbrake panel
    annunciator panel
    armored windscreen panel
    blow-out panel
    canard panels
    carbon-carbon panel
    central warning system panel
    constant pressure panel
    contact-breaker panel
    cowl panel
    cross-ply panel
    decorative trim panel
    diffusion-bonded panel
    dorsal panel
    engine rating panel
    engine-access panel
    fail status/control panel
    fixed wing panel
    fuselage panel
    hinged-clamped panel
    inboard wing panel
    instrument panel
    leading-edge panel
    lifting panel
    liquid crystal panel
    lower panel
    machined panel
    maintenance panel
    master warning panel
    mode select panel
    nonlifting panel
    outerwing panel
    overhead panel
    pivoting wing panel
    radio management panel
    RAM panel
    removable panel
    skin panel
    snap panel
    snap-through panel
    source panel
    speedbrake panel
    stabilator panels
    stringer panel
    switch panel
    system trainer panel
    thrust-selector panel
    tip panel
    upfront control panel
    web-core sandwich panel
    windscreen panel
    wing panel

    Авиасловарь > panel

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