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amoeboid cell

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  • Amoeboid — Foraminiferan (Ammonia tepida) Amoeboids are single celled life forms characterized by an irregular shape.[1] Amoeboid and amœba are often used interchangeably even by biologists,[2] and especially …   Wikipedia

  • amoeboid movement — Crawling movement of a cell brought about by the protrusion of pseudopods at the front of the cell (one or more may be seen in monopodial or polypodial amoebae, respectively). The pseudopods form distal anchorages with the surface …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • List of topics in cell biology — Cell invokes a major branch of theory and research known variously as cell biology, cellular biology or cytology. The study of cell tissues is known as histology. Cell types are often referred to using the suffixes blast, clast, cyte, especially… …   Wikipedia

  • Wandering cell — In anatomy and histology, the term wandering cell (or ameboid cell) is used to describe cells that are found in loose connective tissue, but aren t fixed in place. Examples of wandering cells include mast cells and macrophages.ee also*… …   Wikipedia

  • fixed cell — noun : a usually large, irregular, and branching phagocytic cell existing in certain tissues (as connective tissue), lymph nodes, or spleen but sometimes becoming amoeboid and moving through the tissues compare wandering cell …   Useful english dictionary

  • wandering cell — noun : an amoeboid phagocyte: as a. : an actively motile reticuloendothelial cell of the tissues b. : leukocyte …   Useful english dictionary

  • Major sperm protein — MSP Structure of MSP dimer from A. suum. The β sheets are shown in orange Identifiers Symbol Major Sperm Protein, MSP Entrez …   Wikipedia

  • Pseudopodia — This article is about eukaryotic cells. For the band, see Pseudopod (band). For the podcast, see Pseudopod (podcast). Pseudopods or pseudopodia (singular: pseudopodium) (from the Greek word ψευδοπόδια, ψευδός fake, false + πόδια feet ) are… …   Wikipedia

  • Social behaviour in animals — Introduction       actions of animals living in communities. Such behaviour may include the feeding of the young, the building of shelters, or the guarding of territory. General characteristics       Social behaviour (Social behaviour in animals) …   Universalium

  • pseudopodium — A temporary protoplasmic process, put forth by an ameboid stage or amebic protozoan for locomotion or for prehension of food. SYN: pseudopod. [pseudo + G. pous, foot] * * * pseu·do·po·di·um .süd ə pōd ē əm n …   Medical dictionary

  • Myxogastria — Diderma testaceum Scientific classification Kingdom: Amoebozoa …   Wikipedia

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