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aluminum phosphate

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  • aluminum phosphate — AlPO4, used as an adjuvant in adsorbed toxoids and vaccines, as a component (with calcium sulfate and sodium silicate) in dental cements, and, in the form of aluminum phosphate gel, as an antacid …   Medical dictionary

  • aluminum phosphate gel — [USP] an aqueous suspension of aluminum phosphate, used as an antacid and to reduce excretion of phosphates in the feces …   Medical dictionary

  • aluminum hydroxide — n any of several white gelatinous or crystalline hydrates Al2O3·nH2O of alumina esp one Al2O3·3H2O or Al(OH)3 used in medicine as an antacid * * * Al(OH)3, used as an antacid and as a phosphate binder in treatment of urolithiasis and… …   Medical dictionary

  • aluminum — A white silvery metal of very light weight; atomic no. 13, atomic wt. 26.981539. Many salts and compounds are used in medicine and dentistry. [L. alumen, alum] a. acetate used as a disinfectant by embalmers; proposed as …   Medical dictionary

  • aluminum hydroxide gel — [USP] a suspension of amorphous aluminum hydroxide in which there is partial substitution of carbonate for hydroxide; used as a gastric antacid, especially in treatment of peptic ulcer, and as a phosphate binder in treatment of hyperphosphatemia… …   Medical dictionary

  • phosphate binder — a substance such as aluminum hydroxide, calcium acetate, or calcium carbonate that binds phosphate in the blood, removing it from the circulation; used in treatment of hyperphosphatemia, as in patients with end stage renal disease or… …   Medical dictionary

  • Trisodium phosphate — Not to be confused with Sodium triphosphate. Trisodium phosphate[1] …   Wikipedia

  • Aluminium phosphate — Chembox new Name = Aluminium phosphate ImageFile = ImageName = Aluminum phosphate OtherNames = Aluminium monophosphate Section1 = Chembox Identifiers CASNo = 7784 30 7 Section2 = Chembox Properties Formula = AlPO4 MolarMass = 121.952 g/mol… …   Wikipedia

  • Lithium iron phosphate battery — The lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery (also designated LFP ) is a type of rechargeable battery, specifically a lithium ion battery, which uses LiFePO4 as a cathode material.LiFePO4 cells have higher discharge current, very fast charge… …   Wikipedia

  • basic aluminum carbonate gel — an aqueous suspension of a complex of aluminum hydroxide and aluminum carbonate, used as an antacid, for the treatment of hyperphosphatemia in renal insufficiency, and to prevent the formation of phosphate urinary calculi …   Medical dictionary

  • dried aluminum hydroxide gel — [USP] an amorphous form of aluminum hydroxide in which there is partial substitution of carbonate for hydroxide, prepared by drying aluminum hydroxide gel at low temperature; used as an antacid and phosphate binder …   Medical dictionary

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