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airplane wing

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  • wing tip — noun 1. a shoe having a wing tip toecap • Hypernyms: ↑shoe 2. a decorative toecap having a point extending toward the throat of the shoe • Hypernyms: ↑toecap * * * noun 1. : a toecap having a point extending back toward the throat of the shoe and …   Useful english dictionary

  • wing skid — noun : a skid attached to an airplane wing near the tip to protect the wing from contact with the ground * * * Aeron. a skid attached to the wing tip of an airplane to prevent it from touching the ground …   Useful english dictionary

  • wing — [1] An aerodynamic device attached to a vehicle to cause a downward force on the front or rear of the vehicle. It is often found in the shape of an inverted airplane wing. [2] A window wind deflector. [3] A Honda Goldwing motorcycle. [4] British… …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • wing tip — noun Date: circa 1908 1. a. the edge or outer margin of a bird s wing b. (usually wingtip) the outer end of an airplane wing 2. a toe cap having a point that extends back toward the throat of the shoe and curving sides that extend toward the… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • wing tip — 1. Also, wingtip. the extreme outer edge of an airplane wing. 2. a toecap, often with a perforated pattern, having a point at the center and a piece at each side extending back along the top and sides. 3. a style of shoe with such a toe. 4. the… …   Universalium

  • wing flap — noun : a hinged or pivoted and sometimes extensible portion of an airplane wing used to increase the lift and drag for making landings at reduced speeds …   Useful english dictionary

  • wing — /wing/, n. 1. either of the two forelimbs of most birds and of bats, corresponding to the human arms, that are specialized for flight. 2. either of two corresponding parts in flightless birds, which may be rudimentary, as in certain ratite birds …   Universalium

  • Wing warping — was an early system for lateral (roll) control of an aeroplane. The technique, used and patented by the Wright brothers, consisted of a system of pulleys and cables to twist the trailing edges of the wings in opposite directions. In many respects …   Wikipedia

  • wing — [wiŋ] n. [ME winge, weng < ON vaengr (for IE base see WIND2): the word replaced OE fether, wing, FEATHER] 1. a) either of the two feathered forelimbs of a bird, fully developed for flying, as in most birds, or insufficiently developed for… …   English World dictionary

  • wing tank — wing tank, a fuel tank in the wing of an airplane, or an auxiliary one attached to a wing …   Useful english dictionary

  • wing|tip — wing tip, or wing|tip «WIHNG TIHP», noun. 1. the outer end of a wing, as of a bird, insect, or airplane. 2. an ornamental tip on a shoe which is carried back along the sides. 3. a shoe with such a tip …   Useful english dictionary

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