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  • Surnamed — Surname Sur*name , v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Surnamed}; p. pr. & vb. n. {Surnaming}.] [Cf. F. surnommer.] To name or call by an appellation added to the original name; to give a surname to. [1913 Webster] Another shall subscribe with his hand unto the …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • surnamed — sur·name || sÉœrneɪm / sɜː n. name that is shared by members of a family, family name, last name v. give a surname to …   English contemporary dictionary

  • Ptolemy I — (surnamed Soter) 367? 280 B.C., ruler of Egypt 323 285: founder of Macedonian dynasty in Egypt. * * * …   Universalium

  • Ptolemy II — (surnamed Philadelphus) 309? 247? B.C., king of Egypt 285 247? (son of Ptolemy I). * * * …   Universalium

  • AGNES SOREL —    surnamed Dame de beauté, mistress of Charles VII. of France (1409 1450) …   The Nuttall Encyclopaedia

  • ALFONSO III —    surnamed the Great, king of Asturias, ascended the throne in 866, fought against and gained numerous victories over the Moors; the members of his family rose against him and compelled him to abdicate, but on a fresh incursion of the Moors he… …   The Nuttall Encyclopaedia

  • BERLICHINGEN, GOETZ VON —    surnamed The Iron Hand, a brave but turbulent noble of Germany, of the 15th and 16th centuries, the story of whose life was dramatised by Goethe, to save, as he said, the memory of a brave man from darkness, and which was translated from the… …   The Nuttall Encyclopaedia

  • BOILEAU, NICOLAS —    (surnamed Despréaux, to distinguish him from his brother), poet and critic, born in Paris; brought up to the law, but devoted to letters, associating himself with La Fontaine, Racine, and Molière; author of Satires and Epistles, L Art Poétique …   The Nuttall Encyclopaedia

  • BOLIVAR, SIMON —    surnamed the Liberator, general and statesman, born at Caracas; a man of good birth and liberal education; seized with the passion for freedom during a visit to Madrid and Paris, devoted himself to the cause of S. American independence; freed… …   The Nuttall Encyclopaedia

  • CARLYLE, ALEXANDER —    surnamed Jupiter Carlyle, from his noble head and imposing person, born in Dumfriesshire; minister of Inveresk, Musselburgh, from 1747 to his death; friend of David Hume, Adam Smith, and Home, the author of Douglas ; a leader of the Moderate… …   The Nuttall Encyclopaedia

  • CHARLES III —    surnamed THE SIMPLE    became king of France in 893; his reign one long struggle against the Normans, which ended by conceding Normandy to Rollo; was conquered by Hugh Capet, a rival for the crown, at Soissons, and dethroned in 922; died in… …   The Nuttall Encyclopaedia