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Britannia coin

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  • Britannia (coin) — The Britannia is a British bullion gold coin issued since 1987, which contains one troy ounce of gold and with a face value of £100. There are also fractional Britannia coins, weighing a half, quarter, and one tenth of an ounce, with face values… …   Wikipedia

  • Britannia — was the term originally used by the Romans to refer first to the British Isles, and later to the island of Great Britain. The term was later used to describe a Roman province covering much of the island, apart from the area beyond the Antonine… …   Wikipedia

  • Britannia (disambiguation) — Britannia is the original Latin name the Roman Empire gave to the island of Great Britain.Britannia may also refer to:* Britannia Building Society, a British mutual institution * Britannia coin, a British bullion coin issued since 1987 *… …   Wikipedia

  • Britannia (monnaie) —  Ne doit pas être confondu avec Argent Britannia. La Britannia est une pièce de monnaie britannique en or émise depuis 1987, en argent depuis 1997, et en platine depuis 2007. La pièce doit son nom à la représentation de Britannia… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Britannia silver — noun An alloy of more than 95.84% silver, and up to 4.16% copper; in use for coin from 1697 to 1720, it was withdrawn because it was too soft …   Wiktionary

  • Farthing (British coin) — A farthing (meaning fourth part ) was a British coin worth one quarter of a penny and 1/960 of a pound sterling, slightly over a mill division in other currencies. Such coins were first minted in England in the 13th century, and continued to be… …   Wikipedia

  • Halfpenny (British pre-decimal coin) — The British halfpenny coin was worth 1/480th of a pound sterling. At first in its 700 year history it was made from silver but as the value of the pound declined, the coin was made from base metals. It was finally abandoned in 1969 as part of the …   Wikipedia

  • One pound (British coin) — This article is about the circulating one pound coin issued since 1983. For earlier coins worth one pound, see Sovereign (British coin), Broad (British coin), Laurel (English coin), and Unite (English coin). One pound United Kingdom Value 1 pound …   Wikipedia

  • Fifty pence (British decimal coin) — Infobox Coin Denomination = Fifty pence Country = United Kingdom Value = 50 Unit = pence sterling Mass = 8 Diameter = 27.3 Thickness = 1.78 Edge = Plain Composition = 75% Cu, 25%Ni Years of Minting = 1997 ndash;present Catalog Number = Obverse =… …   Wikipedia

  • One pound (British decimal coin) — Infobox Coin Denomination = One pound Country = United Kingdom Value = 1.0 Unit = pound sterling Mass = 9.5 Diameter = 22.5 Thickness = 3.15 Edge = Milled with incuse lettering or decoration Composition = 70% Cu, 24.5% Zn, and 5.5% Ni Years of… …   Wikipedia

  • Third farthing (British coin) — The third farthing British coin (frac|12 of a penny, frac|2880 of a pound) was produced in various years between 1827 and 1913. The coin was produced in 1827 exclusively for use in Malta, but it is considered to be part of the British coinage as… …   Wikipedia

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