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  • 1 ab-hinc

        ab-hinc adv.    of time, ago, since, before now, usu. with acc. of duration: abhinc mensīs decem fere, T., C., H.; very rarely with abl: comitiis iam abhinc diebus triginta factis, i. e. before that time: quo tempore? abhinc annis quattuor.

    Latin-English dictionary > ab-hinc

  • 2 abiectē

        abiectē adv. with comp.    [abiectus], dispiritedly, abjectly: casum et dolorem ferre; lowly, meanly: quo abiectius nati sunt, etc., Ta.

    Latin-English dictionary > abiectē

  • 3 absconditē

        absconditē adv.    [absconditus], of style, obscurely, abstrusely, C. — Of thought, profoundly: disseri.
    * * *
    abstrusely; profoundly; secretly

    Latin-English dictionary > absconditē

  • 4 absolūtē

        absolūtē adv. with sup.    [absolutus], completely, perfectly, fully, absolutely: beati: partibus ut absolutissime utamur, Her.: vivere, purely.
    * * *
    absolutius, absolutissime ADV
    completely, absolutely; perfectly; without qualification, simply, unreservedly

    Latin-English dictionary > absolūtē

  • 5 abstinenter

        abstinenter adv.,    unselfishly, modestly (rare); versatus.
    * * *
    abstinently, with self restraint (esp. financial dealings); scrupulously

    Latin-English dictionary > abstinenter

  • 6 absurdē

        absurdē adv.    [absurdus], inharmoniously: canere.—Absurdly, irrationally: fictum: dici potest.
    * * *
    as to be out of tune, discordantly; preposterously, absurdly, inappropriately

    Latin-English dictionary > absurdē

  • 7 abundanter

        abundanter adv. with comp.    [abundans], fully, copiously: dicere.
    * * *
    abundantius, abundantissime ADV
    abundantly; profusely, copiously; on a lavish scale

    Latin-English dictionary > abundanter

  • 8 abundē

        abundē adv.    [abundus], in profusion, more than enough, abundantly, amply: facundus, S.: abunde magna praesidia, S.: favere, O.: cui gratia, fama, valetudo contingat abunde, H.: terrorum et fraudis abunde est, there is more than enough, V.
    * * *
    abundantly; in profusion/abundance; more than enough; amply, exceedingly, very

    Latin-English dictionary > abundē

  • 9 accommodātē

        accommodātē adv. with comp. and sup.    [accommodatus], fitly, suitably, in accordance: ad veritatem: ad commune iudicium accommodatius: ad naturam accommodatissime.
    * * *
    accommodatius, accommodatissime ADV
    fittingly, in a suitable manner

    Latin-English dictionary > accommodātē

  • 10 accumulātē (ad-c-)

        accumulātē (ad-c-) adv. with sup.    [accumulo], abundantly, copiously: alqd facere: accumulatissime largiri, Her.

    Latin-English dictionary > accumulātē (ad-c-)

  • 11 accūrātē

        accūrātē adv. with comp. and sup.    [accuratus], carefully, precisely, exactly, nicely: causam dicere: accuratius ad aestūs vitandos aedificare, Cs.: accuratissime eius avaritiam accusare, N.: Saltem accurate (sc. me fallere debebas), you might at least have taken pains, T.
    * * *
    accuratius, accuratissime ADV
    carefully, accurately, precisely, exactly; nicely; painstakingly, meticulous

    Latin-English dictionary > accūrātē

  • 12 accūsātōriē

        accūsātōriē adv.    [accusatorius], as a prosecutor, in an accusing manner: dicere: agere cum alqo.
    * * *
    accusingly; in the manner of a prosecutor/accuser

    Latin-English dictionary > accūsātōriē

  • 13 acerbē

        acerbē adv. with comp. and sup.    [acerbus], bitterly.—Only fig., act., harshly, severely, cruelly, sharply, inimically: diripere bona: cogi in senatum: acerbius in alqm invehi: acerbissime dicere, Cs. — Pass, painfully, grievously, with sorrow: acerbe ferebam, si, etc.: tuli acerbe me adduci, etc.: acerbius inopiam ferre, too severely, Cs.
    * * *
    acerbius, acerbissime ADV
    stridently, with harsh sound; cruelly, harshly; with pain/severity; premature

    Latin-English dictionary > acerbē

  • 14 acerbus

        acerbus adj. with comp. and sup.    [2 AC-].—In taste, harsh, bitter, unripe: uva, Ph. — Meton., to the senses, harsh, sharp, bitter: frigus, H.: recitator, of harsh voice, H. — Neut. plur. As adv.: acerba sonans, V. — Fig., of character and conduct, rough, harsh, violent, rigorous, crabbed, severe, repulsive, hard, morose: acerbus odistis et fugis, H.: occupat speciem taciturnus acerbi, morose, H.: convicium, Ph. — Neut. plur. As adv.: acerba fremens, chafing with rage, V. — Of things, events, etc., premature, crude, unripe: virginis aures, O.: funus, V.: mors, O. — Grievous, bitter, severe, oppressive, burdensome, distressing: dilectus, a rigid conscription, L.: acerba fata Romanos agunt, H.: volnus, V.: imperium acerbius, N.: luctus: mors acerbissima.— Subst: quidquid acerbi est, all the bitterness (of death), V.: tot acerba, V.
    * * *
    acerba -um, acerbior -or -us, acerbissimus -a -um ADJ
    harsh, strident, bitter, sour; unripe, green, unfinished; grievous; gloomy

    Latin-English dictionary > acerbus

  • 15 ācerrimē

        ācerrimē adv.,    sup. of acriter.

    Latin-English dictionary > ācerrimē

  • 16 acervātim

        acervātim adv.    [acervus], by heaps, in heaps: se de vallo praecipitare, BA. — Fig., briefly, concisely, summarily: reliqua dicere.
    * * *
    in heaps/piles; in large quantities/scale; briefly; summarily, without order

    Latin-English dictionary > acervātim

  • 17 ācriter

        ācriter adv. with comp. ācrius, and sup. ācerrimē    [2 ācer], sharply, fiercely: caedunt acerrime: maleficium vindicare.—Fig., of the sight, keenly: intueri.—Of the mind, keenly, sharply, accurately: intellegere: acrius vitia quam recta videre, has a keener eye for.—Of will, passion, action, zealously, eagerly, earnestly: agere: elatrare, H.: pugnare: acrius cupere, Cu.—Implying reproach, passionately, furiously, severely: inimicus: minari: exaestuat acrius ignis, the fire of passion, O.
    * * *
    acrius, acerrime ADV
    sharply, vigilantly, fiercely; severely, steadfastly; keenly, accurately

    Latin-English dictionary > ācriter

  • 18 āctum

        āctum ī, n    [P. of ago], a deed, transaction, proposition, decree, law: alcuius: acta Caesaris. —Plur., ācta, a register of public events, records, journal: ex actis alqd cognosse.
    * * *
    sharply, pointedly; acutely
    act, deed, transaction; acts (pl.), exploits; chronicles, (official) record

    Latin-English dictionary > āctum

  • 19 āctuōsē

        āctuōsē adv.    [actuosus], passionately, eagerly (once).
    * * *
    actively, busily, energetically; passionately, eagerly

    Latin-English dictionary > āctuōsē

  • 20 āctūtum

        āctūtum adv.,    immediately, forthwith: aperite ostium, T.: mortem actutum futuram puto: actutum in Italiā fore, L.
    * * *
    immediately, instantly; forthwith, without delay

    Latin-English dictionary > āctūtum

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