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your honour

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  • Your Honour — UK (US Your Honor) ► FORMAL LAW the title of respect used when speaking to a judge: » I object, Your Honour , he said. Main Entry: ↑honour …   Financial and business terms

  • Your Honour — phrase used when talking to a judge in a court of law Thesaurus: lawyers and people who work in law courtshyponym Main entry: honour …   Useful english dictionary

  • Your Honour — pronoun A title used to address a judge or magistrate …   Wiktionary

  • Your Honour — used when talking to a judge in a court of law …   English dictionary

  • honour — hon|our1 W3 BrE honor AmE [ˈɔnə US ˈa:nər] n ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 1¦(something that makes you proud)¦ 2¦(respect)¦ 3 in honour of somebody/something 4¦(given to somebody)¦ 5¦(moral principles)¦ 6¦(at university/school)¦ 7 Your/His/Her Honour …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • honour — 1 BrE honor AmE noun 1 RESPECT (U) the respect that you, your family, your country etc receive from other people, which makes you feel proud: For the French team, winning tomorrow s game is a matter of national honour. | sb s honour is at stake ( …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • honour */*/ — I UK [ˈɒnə(r)] / US [ˈɑnər] noun Word forms honour : singular honour plural honours 1) [uncountable] the respect that people have for someone who achieves something great, is very powerful, or behaves in a way that is morally right Shame and… …   English dictionary

  • honour — ▪ I. honour hon‧our 1 [ˈɒnə ǁ ˈɑːnər] , honor verb [transitive] COMMERCE 1. honour a cheque/​ticket/​voucher etc if a bank, store etc honours a cheque, ticket etc, it allows it to be used: • Any cheque you …   Financial and business terms

  • honour — [[t]ɒ̱nə(r)[/t]] ♦♦♦ honours, honouring, honoured (in AM, use honor) 1) N UNCOUNT Honour means doing what you believe to be right and being confident that you have done what is right. The officers died faithful to Poland and to the honour of a… …   English dictionary

  • honour, your —    This form of address was used in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries to any person of rank, but when Dr Johnson came to write his dictionary in the mid eighteenth century he was of the opinion that such usage was a thing of the past. In… …   A dictionary of epithets and terms of address

  • honour — {{Roman}}I.{{/Roman}} (BrE) (AmE honor) noun 1 sth that makes you feel proud ADJECTIVE ▪ great, rare, special, tremendous ▪ Eastlake Studio received top honours in the interior design category. ▪ …   Collocations dictionary

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