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  • 141 소리

    n. sound, vibrations that can be detected by the human ear; noise; vocal utterance; range in which something can be heard; implication; meaningless noise; body of water which connects two larger bodies of water; ocean inlet

    Korean-English dictionary > 소리

  • 142 소변소

    n. urinal, receptacle for urine, place for urinating
    v. urinate, discharge urine from the body, discharge fluid excrement from the body

    Korean-English dictionary > 소변소

  • 143 소아 황달

    n. yellow gum

    Korean-English dictionary > 소아 황달

  • 144 소장

    n. small intestine, part of the digestive tract comprised of the duodenum jejunum and ileum, primary organ for absorbing digested nutrients into the body

    Korean-English dictionary > 소장

  • 145 소행성

    n. planetoid, small body that orbits the sun, asteroid

    Korean-English dictionary > 소행성

  • 146 소화

    n. digestion, process by which the body breaks down and absorbs food; fire extinguishing, putting out of fires, fire fighting; assimilation, absorption into the cultural tradition of another group

    Korean-English dictionary > 소화

  • 147 소화계

    n. digestive system, parts of the body which break down food that is ingested in order to prepare it for absorption into the body

    Korean-English dictionary > 소화계

  • 148 소화된

    adj. digestive, pertaining to digestion; promoting digestion (process by which the body breaks down and absorbs food); extinguished, put out; quenched; destroyed

    Korean-English dictionary > 소화된

  • 149 속도

    n. velocity, speed; rate of change of the position of a moving body in relation to its speed and direction of travel; pace, tempo

    Korean-English dictionary > 속도

  • 150

    n. hand, part of the body at the end of the arm; help; skill; ability; possession; trouble, exertion in accomplishing something; connection, link

    Korean-English dictionary >

  • 151 손짓하기

    n. gesticulation, moving of the hands or other parts of the body in an animated manner (in place of or accompanying speech)

    Korean-English dictionary > 손짓하기

  • 152 송장

    n. corpse, dead body; invoice, list of purchased goods or services provided which includes the individual costs and the total charge

    Korean-English dictionary > 송장

  • 153 쇄석술

    n. lithotrity, crushing of stones in the urinary tract (Medicine); lithotomy, surgical removal of stones from the body (Medicine)

    Korean-English dictionary > 쇄석술

  • 154 쇠비름

    n. purslane, species of edible creeping plant with yellow flowers

    Korean-English dictionary > 쇠비름

  • 155 쇼크

    n. shock, jolt, collision; sudden disturbance of the emotions; state of circulatory failure caused by serious injury (Medicine); physiological reaction caused by an electrical current passing through the body

    Korean-English dictionary > 쇼크

  • 156 쇼크증

    n. shock, physiological reaction caused by an electrical current passing through the body (Medicine)

    Korean-English dictionary > 쇼크증

  • 157

    n. male, animal of the male gender; hand, part of the body at the end of the arm; help, skill, trick, means; possibility, capability; age, longevity, long life; number, mathematical value or its symbol
    n. water, colorless transparent fluid, H2O; body of water (sea, river, lake, etc.); sea level; solution or form of water (rainwater, rose water, etc.); water supply; transparency of a precious gem; liquids in or passing out of the body

    Korean-English dictionary >

  • 158 수로

    n. waterway, channel or way for water; navigable body of water (river, channel, etc.); watercourse, water channel

    Korean-English dictionary > 수로

  • 159 수면

    n. surface of the water; slumber, sleep, unconscious state entered into by the body for the purpose of rest and rejuvenation (in humans and animals); period of rest; inactive state

    Korean-English dictionary > 수면

  • 160 수변

    n. waterside, land bordering a body of water; river bank; seashore; beach, coast; waterfront

    Korean-English dictionary > 수변

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