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  • 1 with

    • ohessa
    • oheen
    • ohella
    • jonkin avulla
    • jonkun kanssa
    • seurassa
    • vaivata
    • yhdistää
    • kanssa
    • kera
    • keskuudessa
    • keralla
    • mukana
    • mukaan
    • myötä
    • parissa
    • samanlainen
    • sekoittaa
    • sulautua
    • ynnä
    • luona
    * * *
    1) (in the company of; beside; among; including: I was walking with my father; Do they enjoy playing with each other?; He used to play football with the Arsenal team; Put this book with the others.) kanssa, joukossa
    2) (by means of; using: Mend it with this glue; Cut it with a knife.)
    3) (used in expressing the idea of filling, covering etc: Fill this jug with milk; He was covered with mud.)
    4) (used in describing conflict: They quarrelled with each other; He fought with my brother.) kanssa
    5) (used in descriptions of things: a man with a limp; a girl with long hair; a stick with a handle; Treat this book with care.)
    6) (as the result of: He is shaking with fear.)
    7) (in the care of: Leave your case with the porter.) huostaan
    8) (in relation to; in the case of; concerning: Be careful with that!; What's wrong with you?; What shall I do with these books?) kanssa
    9) (used in expressing a wish: Down with fascism!; Up with Manchester United!)

    English-Finnish dictionary > with

  • 2 with it

    • sillä

    English-Finnish dictionary > with it

  • 3 with me

    • kanssani
    • mukanani

    English-Finnish dictionary > with me

  • 4 with us

    • meidän kanssamme

    English-Finnish dictionary > with us

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