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witch of Endor

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  • Witch of Endor — The Medium of Endor: from the frontispiece to Saducismus Triumphatus by Joseph Glanvill The Witch of Endor, sometimes called the Medium of Endor, was a woman who called up the ghost of the recently deceased prophet Samuel, at the demand of King… …   Wikipedia

  • WITCH OF ENDOR —    a divining woman consulted by King Saul, who affected to call up the spirit of Samuel, who foretold his defeat and doom …   The Nuttall Encyclopaedia

  • HMS Witch of Endor — is a cutter in the Horatio Hornblower novel Flying Colours . She was taken as a prize by the French Navy a year before the events of the novel, and moored at the mouth of the Loire River, at Nantes. There, she is taken by Hornblower and his… …   Wikipedia

  • Endor (village) — Endor (or En Dor or Ein Dor) was a village of Canaanites probably located on the Hill of Moreh (Jebel Datii).Fact|date=August 2007 The original Hebrew meaning of Endor is unknown because it is spelled differently in each of the three times it is… …   Wikipedia

  • Endor — or Ein Dor may refer to:* Endor (village), a Canaanite village where the Witch of Endor lived in the Hebrew Bible * Indur, a Palestinian village depopulated during the 1948 Arab Israeli war, thought to be the location of Canaanite Endor. * Ein… …   Wikipedia

  • Endor, Witch of — ▪ biblical figure       in the Old Testament (1 Samuel 28:3–25), a female sorcerer who was visited by Saul, the first king of Israel. Although Saul had banished all sorcerers and conjurers from his kingdom, his concern about the final outcome of… …   Universalium

  • Witch doctor — For other uses, see Witch doctor (disambiguation). Two Lassa witch doctors A witch doctor originally referred to a type of healer who treated ailments believed to be caused by witchcraft. It is currently used to refer to healers in some third… …   Wikipedia

  • Witch (etymology) — The etymology of the word witch traces back to the Old English language with the German and Indo European languages as possible older sources. Germanic etymologyThe word witch derives from the Old English nouns IPA|/ˈwitʧɑ/ (masc.) sorcerer,… …   Wikipedia

  • Endor —    Fountain of Dor; i.e., of the age , a place in the territory of Issachar (Josh. 17:11) near the scene of the great victory which was gained by Deborah and Barak over Sisera and Jabin (comp. Ps. 83:9, 10). To Endor, Saul resorted to consult one …   Easton's Bible Dictionary

  • Endor — A Canaanite city, of uncertain location, where there lived a ‘witch’ or medium who had survived Saul s determination to banish witches from the land. However, in desperate need, Saul visited Endor in disguise and cajoled the woman into summoning… …   Dictionary of the Bible

  • Hexe von Endor — Saul und die Hexe von Endor Jacob Cornelisz van Oostanen, 1526 Die Totenbeschwörerin oder „Hexe“ von Endor ist eine Figur im 1. Buch Samuel der Bibel. Inhaltsverzeichnis 1 …   Deutsch Wikipedia