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wide-mouth intake

  • 1 wide-mouth intake

    <проф.> воздухозаборник с большой площадью входного сечения

    Авиасловарь > wide-mouth intake

  • 2 intake

    2. входное устройство; воздухозаборник
    "wide-mouth" intake
    2-D intake
    afterburner intake
    all-external intake
    all-external compression intake
    annular intake
    APU air intake
    axisymmetric intake
    baffled intake
    bifurcated intake
    bottom-mounted intake
    boundary layer intake
    box-like intake
    burner intake
    chin intake
    circular intake
    common intake
    compressor intake
    conical intake
    controlled-starting intake
    cooling intake
    D intake
    D-shaped intake
    dorsal intake
    ECS intake
    engine intake
    exhaust nozzle intake
    external compression intake
    external-internal intake
    external-internal compression intake
    fixed geometry intake
    fixed wedge intake
    fixed-capture-area intake
    flank intake
    fluid intake
    flush intake
    forward intake
    forward-swept intake
    fuselage-shielded intake
    gridded intake
    growth intake
    half-axisymmetric intake
    half-circular intake
    half-cone intake
    half-round intake
    high-angle-of-attack air intake
    highly integrated intake
    hot-air de-iced intake
    HPC intake
    internal air intake
    internal compression air intake
    large-mouth intake
    lateral intake
    low intake
    Mach 2-plus air intake
    massive intake
    mixed-compression intake
    multishock intake
    nodding air intake
    normal shock intake
    nose intake
    nose-mounted intake
    outward-canted intake
    over-wing intake
    overhanging intake
    oversize intake
    part-circular intake
    propfan intake
    quarter-cone intake
    ram-air intake
    rectangular intake
    reversed-sweep intake
    rolled intakes
    rotatable intake
    rotating intake
    rounded-lip intake
    S-shaped intake
    scarfed intake
    scoop intake
    screened wind tunnel intake
    semiconical intake
    semisubmerged intake
    semiventral intake
    serpentine intake
    shielded intake
    side intake
    side-mounted intake
    single-shock intake
    snake-like intake
    spike intake
    started intake
    strut supported intake
    subcritical intake
    subsonic intake
    supercritical intake
    supersonic intake
    three-shock intake
    through-flow intake
    top intake
    top-mounted intake
    translating-spike intake
    treated intake
    twin intake
    twin-engine intake
    two-dimensional intake
    two-shock intake
    under-strake air intake
    underbelly intake
    underfuselage intake
    underwing intake
    variable intake
    variable capture area intake
    variable-geometry intake
    variable-ramp intake
    venetian-blind intake
    ventral intake
    wedge intake
    windtunnel intake
    wing-shielded intake
    wingroot intake
    wingtop intake

    Авиасловарь > intake

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