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we'll sort it out

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  • sort something out from something — ˌsort sthˈout (from sth) derived to separate sth from a larger group • Could you sort out the toys that can be thrown away? • It was difficult to sort out the lies from the truth. related noun ↑sort out …   Useful english dictionary

  • sort something out — sort (something) out to deal successfully with a problem or a situation. We know that our boys have gotten into trouble with the law, but our family is working on sorting it out. Detectives are still sorting out who was involved in the crime.… …   New idioms dictionary

  • sort itself out — ˌsort itself ˈout derived (of a problem) to stop being a problem without anyone having to take action • It will all sort itself out in the end. Main entry: ↑sortderived …   Useful english dictionary

  • sort sth out — UK US sort sth out Phrasal Verb with sort({{}}/sɔːt/ verb [I or T] ► to deal in a satisfactory or successful way with a problem or situation: »Industry groups say that the market will sort this out itself …   Financial and business terms

  • sort oneself out — verb a) To organize or solve ones personal problems. John took a week off work to sort himself out. b) To calm down emotionally. Give me a few minutes to sort myself out and Ill be with you …   Wiktionary

  • sort someone out — informal deal with someone who is causing trouble, typically by restraining, reprimanding, or punishing them if he can t pay you, I ll sort him out …   Useful english dictionary

  • sort yourself out — ˌsort sth/sb/yourself ˈout derived (especially BrE) to deal with sb s/your own problems successfully • If you can wait a moment, I ll sort it all out for you. • You load up the car and I ll sort the kids out. Main entry: ↑sortder …   Useful english dictionary

  • sort something out — 1 she sorted out the clothes.: See sort verb sense 1. 2 they must sort out their problems.: See sort verb sense 2. → sort …   Useful english dictionary

  • ˌsort sth ˈout — phrasal verb 1) to get rid of things that you do not need and arrange things that you do need tidily I need to sort out the mess on my desk.[/ex] 2) to find an answer to a problem or mystery Investigators are still trying to sort out why the… …   Dictionary for writing and speaking English

  • sort someone out — informal deal with a troublesome person. → sorry for …   English new terms dictionary

  • sort (someone) out — Verb. To beat (someone) up …   English slang and colloquialisms


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