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  • 1 victimising

    преследующий; преследование

    English-Russian big medical dictionary > victimising

  • 2 defrauding

    обманывать; обман
    Синонимический ряд:
    1. lying (noun) acquiring dishonestly; cheating; committing adultery; conniving; deceitfulness; deception; dishonesty; lying
    2. cheating (verb) beating; bilking; cheating; chiseling or chiselling; cozening; doing; flimflamming; gulling; gypping; mulcting; overreaching; reaming; swindling; taking; victimising

    English-Russian base dictionary > defrauding

  • 3 taking

    1. a разг. привлекательный, очаровательный, обаятельный; симпатичный; покоряющий
    2. a разг. заразный
    Синонимический ряд:
    1. engaging (adj.) attractive; captivating; charming; convincing; engaging; pleasant; pleasing; refreshing; winning
    2. infectious (adj.) catching; contagious; infectious
    3. grabbing (noun) catching; getting; grabbing; pilfering; removing; stealing; theft; using; walking away with
    4. acting (verb) acting; behaving; functioning; operating; performing; reacting; working
    5. admitting (verb) admitting; receiving; taking in
    6. apprehending (verb) accepting; apprehending; compassing; comprehending; following; making out; seeing; tumbling to; twigging
    7. appropriating (verb) annexing; appropriating; arrogating; confiscating; expropriating; preempting; sequestering
    8. asking (verb) asking; call for; calling for; craving; demanding; entailing; involving; necessitating; requiring
    9. assuming (verb) assuming; commandeering; pre-empting; striking; usurping
    10. attracting (verb) alluring; attracting; bewitching; captivating; charming; deriving; drawing; enchanting; fascinating; magnetizing; wiling
    11. bearing (verb) abiding; bearing; brooking; digesting; downing; enduring; going; lumping; standing; sticking out; stomaching; suffering; supporting; sustaining; swallowing; sweating out; tolerating
    12. bringing (verb) bringing; carrying; conveying; fetching
    13. buying (verb) buying; purchasing
    14. catching (verb) bagging; capturing; catching; collaring; nailing; overhauling; overtaking; securing
    15. cheating (verb) beating; bilking; cheating; chiseling or chiselling; cozening; defrauding; doing; flimflamming; gulling; gypping; mulcting; overreaching; reaming; swindling; victimising
    16. choosing (verb) choosing; culling; electing; marking; opting for; picking; picking out; preferring; selecting; singling out
    17. clasping (verb) clasping; grasping; gripping
    18. deducting (verb) deducting; discounting; drawing back; knocking off; subtracting; take off; taking away; taking off; taking out
    19. eating (verb) consuming; devouring; eating; feeding on; ingesting; partaking of
    20. getting (verb) coming down with; contracting; developing; gaining; getting; netting; sickening; sickening of; sickening with; winning
    21. reading (verb) construing; interpreting; reading
    22. seizing (verb) clutching; grabbing; grappling; nabbing; seizing; snatching
    23. surprising (verb) boarding; hit on; surprising
    24. treating (verb) dealing with; handling; playing; serving; treating; using
    25. understanding (verb) believing; conceiving; expecting; gathering; imagining; supposing; suspecting; thinking; understanding

    English-Russian base dictionary > taking

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