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  • 1 verb

    1. क्रिया
    Make sentences with the following verbs

    English-Hindi dictionary > verb

  • 2 verb


    English-Hindi new dictionary > verb

  • 3 verb

    English-Hindi Amateurish dictionary > verb

  • 4 copula

    1. क्रिया
    A type of verb that connects a subject with its complements,eg.Ram became ill',the verb' became'is a copula.

    English-Hindi dictionary > copula

  • 5 active voice

    1. कतृवाच्य
    In the sentence "I cleaned the house ",verb is in active voice.

    English-Hindi dictionary > active voice

  • 6 agreement

    1. राज़ीनामा
    Please sign the agreement.
    2. सहमति
    The Indo-Pak talks failed to reach an agreement.
    3. अन्विति\{व्याकरण में संख्या/लिंग या वचन में समानता\}
    There is no agreement between subject and verb in the sentence `She go there everyday'.

    English-Hindi dictionary > agreement

  • 7 imperative

    1. अनिवार्य
    It is absolutely imperative that we make a quick decision.
    2. आदेश सूचक
    In go the verb is imperative.

    English-Hindi dictionary > imperative

  • 8 intransitive

    1. अकर्मक\intransitiveक्रिया
    Intransitive verb has no object.

    English-Hindi dictionary > intransitive

  • 9 participle

    1. कृदंत
    Participles are used in verb phrases such as " hurrying, hurried" and so on.

    English-Hindi dictionary > participle

  • 10 perfect

    1. संपूर्ण
    This is an absolutely perfect set of cutlery.
    2. ही
    This is the perfect copy of the original document.
    3. आदर्श
    A perfect score made by the opening batsman gives hope to win the game.
    4. परिशुद्ध
    They speak perfect French.
    5. भूतकाल सम्बन्धी
    I have eaten" is the present perfect tense of " eat
    1. पूर्णभूत
    The verb is in the perfect.
    1. परिपूर्ण करना
    She is an artist who spent years perfecting her creativity.

    English-Hindi dictionary > perfect

  • 11 structure

    1. संरचना/निर्माण
    Subject,verb and object are parts of the structure of a sentence.
    2. ढाँचा
    Our body is a structure bones and flesh.
    1. योजना करना
    To get success movements should be structured.

    English-Hindi dictionary > structure

  • 12 tense

    1. कसा\tenseहुआ
    The ship is anchored with a tense rope.
    2. तनावपूर्ण
    He was in a tense mood.
    1. \{क्रिया\tenseका\}काल
    The verb in the following sentence is in the past tense `He laughed loudly'.

    English-Hindi dictionary > tense

  • 13 transitive

    1. सकर्मक
    transitive verb has object.

    English-Hindi dictionary > transitive

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