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vehicle rate

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  • Vehicle insurance — Vehicle insurance, in exchange for a premium, will pay valid claims arising out of traffic collisions Vehicle insurance (also known as auto insurance, gap insurance, car insurance, or motor insurance) is insurance purchased for cars, trucks,… …   Wikipedia

  • Vehicle excise duty — (VED) is a British excise duty, which has to be paid to acquire a vehicle licence for most types of motor vehicle. A vehicle licence is usually required if a vehicle is to be legally used on the public roads. The tax, rarely if ever known by its… …   Wikipedia

  • Rate of fire — is the frequency at which a specific weapon can fire or launch its projectiles. It is usually measured in rounds per minute (RPM or round/min), or per second (RPS or round/s). Contents 1 Overview 2 Measurement 2.1 Cyclic rate …   Wikipedia

  • Vehicle Registration Tax — or VRT is a tax that must be paid in Ireland when registering a motor vehicle.The tax is paid to the Revenue in two ways:• VRT is included in the retail price of a new motor vehicle purchased from a dealership• The tax is paid by the owner of a… …   Wikipedia

  • vehicle — 01. There was a serious traffic accident on the highway this morning involving at least four [vehicles], including a school bus. 02. Maybe some day, people will be able to ride space [vehicles] to the moon for a holiday. 03. All [vehicular]… …   Grammatical examples in English

  • Vehicle bus — A vehicle bus is an electronic communications network that interconnects components inside an automobile, bus, industrial or agricultural vehicle, ship, or aircraft. Due to the specialised requirements of each type of deployment (including… …   Wikipedia

  • Vehicle Dependability Study — The J.D. Power and Associates Vehicle Dependability StudySM (VDS) provides information about long term vehicle quality after three years of ownership, when most vehicles reach the end of the warranty period and owners assume responsibility for… …   Wikipedia

  • Vehicle registration plates of France — As of 2005, France has three main kinds of motor vehicle registration plates: # General scheme # Military plates # Civilian state administration plates ( domaines ). General scheme (until 2009) The plate bears a number of the following formats:… …   Wikipedia

  • Vehicle Fac. Jabalpur — Infobox Indian Jurisdiction native name = Vehicle Fac. Jabalpur | type = city | latd = | longd = state name = Madhya Pradesh district = Jabalpur leader title = leader name = altitude = population as of = 2001 population total = 11,956| population …   Wikipedia

  • Rate Level Risk — A type of interest rate risk which asserts that the characteristics of interest rate fluctuation are variable (as opposed to constant) over a period of time. Although interest rates are expected to fluctuate over the period of an investment, the… …   Investment dictionary

  • Vehicle registration plates of Argentina — Argentine license plates (in Spanish, chapas patentes or simply patentes ) are used to uniquely identify cars and other motor vehicles in the roads of Argentina. The current system employs three letters followed by three digits, issued… …   Wikipedia

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