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valve assembly

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  • valve assembly — A device through which a tire is inflated. It includes a valve stem, valve core, and valve cap. Also see control valve assembly …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • control valve assembly — A casting located in the sump of the automatic transmission. It contains most of the valves for the hydraulic control system …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • thermactor air control solenoid vacuum valve assembly — Used on thermactor air control systems; consists of two normally open solenoid valves with vents …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • valve block — See control valve assembly …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • valve body — Part of the valve assembly containing plungers, pistons, springs, etc …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • Valve — This article is about the flow control device. For the game developer, see Valve Corporation. For the electronic component, see Vacuum tube. For other uses, see Valve (disambiguation). These water valves are operated by handles. A valve is a… …   Wikipedia

  • valve and transducer assembly — This type of EGR valve consist of a modified ported EGR valve and a remote transducer. Works the same way as an integral backpressure transducer EGR valve …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • valve shim — A calibrated shim used to adjust valve clearance on OHV engines with bucket tappet assembly; for adjustment, a calibrated valve shim is placed or removed from between tappet and cam …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • ball check valve — valve assembly which permits flow of fluid in one direction only …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • Dixon Valve & Coupling Company — is a manufacturer and supplier of hose fittings and accessories. The company, often referred to as just Dixon, offers products for fire protection, food processing, dairy processing, beverage and brewery operations, industrial manufacturing,… …   Wikipedia

  • Double check valve — A double check valve or double check assembly (DCA) is a backflow prevention device designed to protect water supplies from contamination. It is also a valve used in air brake systems on heavy trucks. Usage in Water Supply: In the case of usage… …   Wikipedia