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used to sth

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  • used to — adjective in the habit (Freq. 13) I am used to hitchhiking you ll get used to the idea ...was wont to complain that this is a cold world Henry David Thoreau • Syn: ↑wont to • Similar to: ↑accustomed …   Useful english dictionary

  • used to — W2S1 [ˈju:st tu:] modal v 1.) if something used to happen, it happened regularly or all the time in the past, but does not happen now ▪ He used to go to our school. ▪ We re eating out more often than we used to. did not use to do sth ▪ You didn t …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • sth does not compute — ► used to say that something does not having any meaning, or does not seem possible or correct: »It can t be done, it doesn t compute. »The situation was bothering me because something about it just didn t compute. Main Entry: ↑compute …   Financial and business terms

  • sth is the rule — ► used to say that a particular condition or way of operating is typical or accepted in a particuar situation: »In most public school libraries, a staff of one person is the rule, not the exception. »In the newest high end restaurants, high style …   Financial and business terms

  • sth isn't part of my job description — ► used to say that something is not your responsibility: »Sorting out everyone s social life isn t part of my job description! Main Entry: ↑job description …   Financial and business terms

  • used — used1 W2S1 [ju:st] adj be/get used to (doing) sth to have experienced something so that it no longer seems surprising, difficult, strange etc ▪ I do the dishes every day, so I m used to it. ▪ I can t get used to the idea that you re grown up now …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • sth is king — sb/sth is king ► used to say that someone or something is the most important part of something or has the most influence: »In mergers and acquisitions, cash is king. »They all followed the principle that the customer is king. »Media executives… …   Financial and business terms

  • bring sth about phrasal — verb (T) to make something happen: Computers have brought about many changes in the workplace. bring sb/sth around/round phrasal verb (T) 1 bring the conversation around/round to to deliberately and gradually introduce a new subject into a… …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • break with sb/sth phrasal — verb (T) 1 to leave a group of people or an organization, especially because you have had a disagreement with them: break with sb/sth over sth: Powell broke with the Conservative Party over Europe. 2 break with tradition/the past to stop… …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • ˈdo with sth — phrasal verb 1) could do with sth spoken used for saying that you want or need something I m sure James could do with some help.[/ex] 2) have something/anything to do with sth to be connected with something The problem had something to do with… …   Dictionary for writing and speaking English

  • the smart money is on sth — Ⅰ. the smart money is on sth ► a phrase used to say that something will probably happen: »The smart money is on James for the new Director Finance post. »The smart money is on the country remaining outside the Eurozone for the next decade. Main… …   Financial and business terms

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