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uptake rate

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  • uptake — up|take [ˈʌpteık] n [Sense: 1; Date: 1800 1900; : Scottish English; Origin: uptake to understand (18 20 centuries).] [Sense: 2 3; Date: 1900 2000; Origin: up + take] 1.) be slow/quick on the uptake informal to be slow or fast at understanding… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • uptake — noun 1 be slow/quick on the uptake informal to be slow or fast at learning or understanding things 2 (C, U) technical the rate at which a substance is taken into a system, machine etc: the uptake of food and oxygen into an organism …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • Glucose uptake — Method of glucose uptake differs throughout tissues depending on two factors; the metabolic needs of the tissue and availability of glucose. The two ways in which glucose uptake can take place are facilitated diffusion (a passive process) and… …   Wikipedia

  • Basal rate — In biology, basal rate is the rate of continuous supply of some chemical or process. In the case of diabetes mellitus, it is a low rate of continuous insulin supply needed for such purposes as controlling cellular glucose and amino acid uptake.… …   Wikipedia

  • Decompression (diving) — Divers decompressing in the water at the end of a dive Decompression in the context of diving derives from the reduction in ambient pressure experienced by the diver during the ascent at the end of a dive or hyperbaric exposure and refers to both …   Wikipedia

  • Sulfur assimilation — Sulfate reduction and assimilation in plants (APS, adenosine 5 phosphosulfate; Fdred, Fdox, reduced and oxidized ferredoxin; RSH, RSSR, reduced and oxidized glutathione)|right|325pxSulfur is an essential element for growth and physiological… …   Wikipedia

  • скорость — 05.01.18 скорость (обработки) [rate]: Число радиочастотных меток, обрабатываемых за единицу времени, включая модулированный и постоянный сигнал. Примечание Предполагается возможность обработки как движущегося, так и неподвижного множества… …   Словарь-справочник терминов нормативно-технической документации

  • Aeroponics — is the process of growing plants in an air or mist environment without the use of soil or an aggregate medium. Aeroponic culture differs from both hydroponics and in vitro (Plant tissue culture) growing. Unlike hydroponics, which uses water as a… …   Wikipedia

  • Climate sensitivity — is a measure of how responsive the temperature of the climate system is to a change in the radiative forcing. It is usually expressed as the temperature change associated with a doubling of the concentration of carbon dioxide in Earth s… …   Wikipedia

  • Cannabis (drug) cultivation — Cannabis cultivation is the cultivation of the Cannabis Sativa plant. Subspecies are C. sativa subsp. sativa and C. sativa subsp. indica . Wild or escaped Cannabis , previously classified as Cannabis ruderalis , is now regarded as the variety C.… …   Wikipedia

  • Sensibilidad climática — Uno o varios wikipedistas están trabajando actualmente en este artículo o sección. Es posible que a causa de ello haya lagunas de contenido o deficiencias de formato. Si quieres, puedes ayudar y editar, pero por favor: antes de realizar… …   Wikipedia Español

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