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  • 1 procedure

    (the order or method of doing something: They followed the usual procedure(s).) procedūra, darbo tvarka/būdas

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > procedure

  • 2 process

    ['prəuses, ]( American[) 'pro-] 1. noun
    1) (a method or way of manufacturing things: We are using a new process to make glass.) technologijos procesas/būdas
    2) (a series of events that produce change or development: The process of growing up can be difficult for a child; the digestive processes.) procesas
    3) (a course of action undertaken: Carrying him down the mountain was a slow process.) procedūra, vyksmas
    2. verb
    (to deal with (something) by the appropriate process: Have your photographs been processed?; The information is being processed by computer.) apdoroti, (iš)ryškinti, perdirbti
    - in the process of

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > process

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