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upper and lower

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  • Upper and lower probabilities — are representations of imprecise probability. Whereas probability theory uses a single number, the probability, to describe how likely an event is to occur, this method uses two numbers: the upper probability of the event and the lower… …   Wikipedia

  • Upper and Lower Case — Upper and Lower Case,   englische Bezeichnung für Groß /Kleinschreibung. In unzureichend übersetzten englischen bzw. US amerikanischen Textverarbeitungsprogrammen findet man oft auch »Upper Case« für (nur) Großschreibung bzw. »Lower Case« für… …   Universal-Lexikon

  • Upper and lower bounds — In mathematics, especially in order theory, an upper bound of a subset S of some partially ordered set ( P , le;) is an element of P which is greater than or equal to every element of S . The term lower bound is defined dually as an element of P… …   Wikipedia

  • Upper and Lower Northampton — Pour les articles homonymes, voir Northampton (homonymie). Upper and Lower Northampton Administration Pays …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Upper and Lower Egypt — Ancient Egypt was divided into two regions, known as Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt. To the north was Lower Egypt where the Nile fanned out with its several mouths to form the Nile Delta. To the south was Upper Egypt, stretching to Syene. The two… …   Wikipedia

  • upper and lower case — Прописные и строчные (Upper and lower case, U&lc)     Шрифт, содержащий в комплекте как прописные, так и строчные варианты алфавитных знаков. Набор прописными [заглавные буквы, A B C D …] и строчными [буква по размеру меньше заглавной, иногда… …   Шрифтовая терминология

  • Union of Upper and Lower Canada — The 1841 union of Upper Canada and Lower Canada created the Province of Canada. This province lasted until 1867 when Canadian Confederation encouraged the two groups to split again into the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec History Upper… …   Wikipedia

  • Nigeria, Upper and Lower —     Upper and Lower Nigeria     † Catholic Encyclopedia ► Upper and Lower Nigeria     A colony of British East Africa extending from the Gulf of Guinea to Lake Chad (from 4° 30 to 7°N. lat., and from 5° 30 to 8° 30 E. long.), is bounded on the… …   Catholic encyclopedia

  • Lower case — (also lower case or lowercase ), minuscule, or small letters are the smaller form of letters, as opposed to upper case or capital letters, as used in European alphabets (Greek, Latin, Cyrillic, and Armenian). For example, the letter a is lower… …   Wikipedia

  • Lower Egypt — is the northern most section of Egypt. It refers to the fertile Nile Delta region, which stretches from the area between El Aiyat and Zawyet Dahshur, south of modern day Cairo, and the Mediterranean Sea.Today there are two principal channels that …   Wikipedia

  • Upper Macedonia — (Greek: Ἄνω Μακεδονία, Ánō Makedonía ) is a geographical and tribal term to describe the regions that became part of the kingdom of Macedon in the early 4th century BC. From that date, its inhabitants were politically equal to Lower Macedonians.… …   Wikipedia

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