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unsolved problem

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  • problem — {{Roman}}I.{{/Roman}} noun 1 sth that causes difficulties ADJECTIVE ▪ acute, big, enormous, grave, great, huge, important, major, serious, significant …   Collocations dictionary

  • Unsolved problems in linguistics — This article discusses currently unsolved problems in linguistics.Some of the issues below are commonly recognized as problems per se , i.e., it is general agreement that the solution is unknown. Others may be described as controversies, i.e.,… …   Wikipedia

  • unsolved — un|solved [ ʌn salvd ] adjective an unsolved problem or mystery is one you have not dealt with or explained a. used about crimes when the criminal has not been found …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • unsolved — UK [ʌnˈsɒlvd] / US [ʌnˈsɑlvd] adjective a) an unsolved problem or mystery is one that you have not dealt with or explained b) used about crimes when the criminal has not been found …   English dictionary

  • unsolved — [ʌnˈsɒlvd] adj an unsolved problem or mystery is one that has not been dealt with or explained …   Dictionary for writing and speaking English

  • Unsolved problems in chemistry — tend to be questions of the kind Can we make X chemical compound? , Can we analyse it ? , Can we purify it ? and are commonly solved rather quickly, but may just as well require considerable efforts to be solved. However, there are also some… …   Wikipedia

  • Unsolved problems in philosophy — This article deals mainly with unsolved problems in analytic philosophy. For other schools of philosophy, this concept is not well defined. Philosophical problems are unlike scientific or mathematical problems in that problems in philosophy are… …   Wikipedia

  • Unsolved problems in mathematics — This article lists some unsolved problems in mathematics. See individual articles for details and sources. Millennium Prize Problems Of the seven Millennium Prize Problems set by the Clay Mathematics Institute, the six ones yet to be solved are:… …   Wikipedia

  • Unsolved problems in physics — This is a list of some of the major unsolved problems in physics. Some of these problems are theoretical, meaning that existing theories seem incapable of explaining some observed phenomenon or experimental result. The others are experimental,… …   Wikipedia

  • Unsolved problems in statistics — There are many longstanding unsolved problems in mathematics for which a solution has still not yet been found. The unsolved problems in statistics are generally of a different flavor; according to John Tukey, difficulties in identifying problems …   Wikipedia

  • Unsolved problems in economics — Some significant unsolved problems in economics include:* What caused the Industrial Revolution? This remains one of the most important unsolved questions in all of the social sciences. Unlike similar questions, such as what caused the Upper… …   Wikipedia


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