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  • 1 uniforme


    Vocabulario Castellano-Catalán

  • 2 uniforme

    uniform (movimiento, temperatura, criterios).
    de uniforme in uniform
    uniforme escolar school uniform
    uniforme de gala dress uniform
    1st person singular (yo) Present Subjunctive of Spanish verb: uniformar.
    * * *
    1 uniform
    2 (superficie) even
    nombre masculino
    1 (prenda) uniform
    * * *
    noun m. adj.
    * * *
    ADJ [movimiento, sistema] uniform; [superficie] level, even, smooth; [velocidad] steady, uniform
    SM uniform

    uniforme de campaña, uniforme de combate — battledress

    uniforme de gala — full-dress uniform

    * * *
    adjetivo <velocidad/temperaturas> constant, uniform; <superficie> even, uniform; <terreno> even, level; <paisaje/estilo> uniform; <criterios/precios> standard, uniform
    masculino uniform
    * * *
    adjetivo <velocidad/temperaturas> constant, uniform; <superficie> even, uniform; <terreno> even, level; <paisaje/estilo> uniform; <criterios/precios> standard, uniform
    masculino uniform
    * * *
    1 = uniform, livery.

    Ex: Stocks covering military history, uniforms, weapons, flags and heraldry include over 50,000 books, manuscripts, maps and music scores.

    Ex: Only the armed forces (another body of men distinguished by their livery) can equal the ministry for the rigidity with which they exclude women.
    * con uniforme = uniformed.
    * uniforme antidisturbios = riot gear.
    * uniforme de combate = battle uniform.
    * uniforme de gala = dress uniform, full-dress uniform.

    2 = even, uniform, seamless, regimented, consistent, unified.

    Ex: An unvarying level of illumination, heating, cooling, ventilation and acoustics will give the even type of environment needed in an academic library.

    Ex: Generally libraries have been able to accept uniform bibliographic records.
    Ex: The solution was found to be a composition of glue and treacle which could be cast on to the roller stock and which made a seamless, resilient surface that inked perfectly.
    Ex: Whereas, before, the land was dense with stately white pines, now apple, plum, pear, peach, and cherry orchards stood in regimented rows and cattle grazed peacefully.
    Ex: In order to achieve good consistent indexing the indexer must have a thorough appreciation of the structure of the subject and the nature of the contribution that the document makes to the advancement of knowledge.
    Ex: With the exception of 0 Generalities, which in this scheme does not represent a unified discipline, and 4, Linguistics, the other primary divisions show this broad correlation.
    * de manera uniforme = evenly.
    * dispuesto de forma uniforme = regimented.
    * poco uniforme = patchy [patchier -comp., patchiest -sup.].
    * PURL (Localizador Uniforme Permanente de Recursos) = PURL (Persistent Uniform Resource Locator).
    * título uniforme = uniform title.
    * URC (Características Uniformes de Recursos) = URC (Uniform Resource Characteristics).
    * URN (Nombre Uniforme de Recursos) = URN (Uniform Resource Name).

    * * *
    ‹velocidad/movimiento/temperaturas› constant, uniform; ‹superficie› even, uniform; ‹terreno› even, level, flat; ‹paisaje/estilo› uniform; ‹criterios/precios/tarifas› standard, uniform
    uniforme de campaña
    * * *


    Del verbo uniformar: (conjugate uniformar)

    uniformé es:

    1ª persona singular (yo) pretérito indicativo

    uniforme es:

    1ª persona singular (yo) presente subjuntivo

    3ª persona singular (él/ella/usted) presente subjuntivo

    3ª persona singular (él/ella/usted) imperativo

    Multiple Entries:
    uniforme adjetivo ‹velocidad/temperaturasconstant, uniform;
    superficieeven, uniform;
    terrenoeven, level;
    criterios/preciosstandard, uniform
    ■ sustantivo masculino
    uniformar verbo transitivo
    1 (hacer uniforme) to make uniform, standardize
    2 (poner un uniforme) to put into uniform
    I adjetivo
    1 uniform
    2 (sin variaciones, cambios, rugosidades) even
    3 (común para todos) standardized
    II m Indum uniform
    'uniforme' also found in these entries:
    - guerrera
    - reglamentaria
    - reglamentario
    - uniformar
    - obligar
    - vestido
    - vestir
    - even
    - school uniform
    - uniform
    - streaky
    - uneven
    * * *
    [movimiento, temperatura, criterios] uniform; [superficie] even;
    el litoral tiene un clima bastante uniforme the coast has a fairly uniform climate
    ir de uniforme to be in uniform;
    un policía de uniforme a uniformed policeman, f policewoman
    uniforme escolar school uniform; RP uniforme de fajina fatigues;
    uniforme de gala dress uniform
    * * *
    I adj uniform; superficie even
    II m uniform;
    ir de uniforme be in uniform
    * * *
    uniforme adj
    : uniform
    uniformemente adv
    uniforme nm
    : uniform
    * * *
    uniforme1 adj
    1. (velocidad, ritmo) steady [comp. steadier; superl. steadiest]
    una velocidad uniforme a steady speed
    2. (temperatura, superficie) even
    uniforme2 n uniform
    el uniforme de mi colegio my school uniform

    Spanish-English dictionary

  • 3 uniforme

    1. adj
    1) единообразный, однородный; схожий
    2) однообразный, одинаковый
    vida uniforme — однообразная (монотонная) жизнь
    3) сообразный, согласный
    4) физ. равномерный (о движении)
    5) тех. постоянный, неизменный
    2. m
    форма, форменная одежда; мундир
    uniforme de gala — парадная форма
    uniforme ordinario — повседневная форма одежды


  • 4 uniforme

    1. uni'fɔrme m
    Uniform f, Kluft f, Montur f
    2. uni'fɔrme adj
    einheitlich, gleichmäßig
    1. [de igual aspecto] einheitlich
    2. [regular] gleichmäßig
    sustantivo masculino
    Uniform die
    uniforme [uni'forme]
    I adjetivo
    (igual) einheitlich; (de la misma forma) gleichförmig; (calor, movimiento) gleichmäßig
    II sustantivo masculino
    Uniform femenino; vestir de uniforme Uniform tragen

    Diccionario Español-Alemán

  • 5 uniforme

    1. adj
    1) единообразный, однородный; схожий
    2) однообразный, одинаковый

    vida uniforme — однообразная (монотонная) жизнь

    3) сообразный, согласный
    4) физ. равномерный (о движении)
    5) тех. постоянный, неизменный
    2. m
    форма, форменная одежда; мундир

    uniforme de gala — парадная форма

    uniforme ordinario — повседневная форма одежды

    Universal diccionario español-ruso

  • 6 uniforme

    1. adj
    1) еди́ный (по природе); одноро́дный
    2) одина́ковый; единообра́зный
    3) равноме́рный; (о ритме) неизме́нный
    4) однообра́зный
    2. m
    мунди́р; вое́нная фо́рма; фо́рма разг

    uniforme de campaña, (de) diario, de gala — полева́я, повседне́вная, пара́дная фо́рма

    vestir de uniforme — носи́ть (вое́нную фо́рму); ходи́ть в вое́нной фо́рме

    Diccionario Español-Ruso de Uso Moderno

  • 7 uniforme

    a. e s.m. uniforme

    Diccionario Español-Gali

  • 8 uniforme

    1. adj 1) еднообразен, еднакъв; 2) сходен, подобен; 3) равномерен (за движение); 4) постоянен, неизменен; 2. m униформа; uniforme de gala парадна униформа.

    Diccionario español-búlgaro

  • 9 uniforme

    общ. (одежда) униформа, (однообразный) монотонный, (установленная одежда) форма, вицмундир стар., единообразный, мундир, неизменный, обмундирование, однообразный, согласный, форменная одежда, одинаковый, постоянный, сообразный, равномерный (о движении)

    Испанско-русский универсальный словарь

  • 10 uniforme

    • distinctive outfit
    • uniform

    Diccionario Técnico Español-Inglés

  • 11 uniforme

    • jednotný
    • jednotvárný
    • stejnorodý
    • stejný
    • stejnokroj
    • uniforma
    * * *
    • hladký (povrch)
    • homogenní (o hmotě aj.)
    • rovnoměrný (o pohybu aj.)
    • stejnoměrný (o pohybu aj.)

    Diccionario español-checo

  • 12 uniforme

    одинаковый по форме; единообразный; сообразный

    El diccionario Español-ruso jurídico

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