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undesirable event

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  • Sentinel event — A sentinel event is defined by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) as any unanticipated event in a healthcare setting resulting in death or serious physical or psychological injury to a person or persons, not …   Wikipedia

  • adverse event — /ædvɜs əˈvɛnt/ (say advers uh vent) noun Medicine an unintended and undesirable outcome of any medical treatment or procedure …   Australian-English dictionary

  • accident — ac·ci·dent n: an unexpected usu. sudden event that occurs without intent or volition although sometimes through carelessness, unawareness, ignorance, or a combination of causes and that produces an unfortunate result (as an injury) for which the… …   Law dictionary

  • Slippery slope — In debate or rhetoric, the slippery slope is one of the classical informal fallacies. It suggests that an action will initiate a chain of events culminating in an undesirable event later without establishing or quantifying the relevant… …   Wikipedia

  • repeat — [[t]rɪpi͟ːt[/t]] ♦♦ repeats, repeating, repeated 1) VERB If you repeat something, you say or write it again. You can say I repeat to show that you feel strongly about what you are repeating. [V that] He repeated that he had been mis quoted... [V… …   English dictionary

  • Mafia Community (Hunter × Hunter) — In the Japanese manga and anime series Hunter × Hunter, the Mafia Community is the term used to describe the international organized crime families as a whole. In this fictional setting, there are no competing crime syndicates with different… …   Wikipedia

  • accident — I (New American Roget s College Thesaurus) n. mishap, injury, casualty; chance, fortuity. See adversity, occurrence. Ant., plan, design. II (Roget s IV) n. 1. [An unexpected misfortune] Syn. mishap, mischance, setback, collision; see collision 1 …   English dictionary for students

  • волна-помеха — — [http://slovarionline.ru/anglo russkiy slovar neftegazovoy promyishlennosti/] Тематики нефтегазовая промышленность EN undesirable eventunwanted eventnoise eventnoise wave …   Справочник технического переводчика

  • Deviancy amplification spiral — (also simply called deviance amplification) is a media hype phenomenon defined by media critics as a cycle of increasing numbers of reports on a category of antisocial behavior or some other undesirable event, leading to a moral panic. The term… …   Wikipedia

  • Hazard analysis — A hazard analysis is a process used to assess risk. The results of a hazard analysis is the identification of unacceptable risks and the selection of means of controlling or eliminating them. The term is used in several engineering specialties,… …   Wikipedia

  • — 【사】 일; 섬기다; 부리다; 일삼다; 찌르다 꽂다 깃발 있는 깃대를 손으로 세우고 있는 모양을 본뜬 글자. 갈고리궐부 7획 (총8획) [1] [n] affair; matter; business [2] fact; event; happening [3] [n] job; occupation; task [4] duties; functions [5] trouble; accident; undesirable event [6] matter in… …   Hanja (Korean Hanzi) dictionary

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