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  • 1 under

    below, beneath, during, miracle, over, in the process of, under, under-, underneath, wonder
    * * *
    I. (et -e) wonder ( fx it is a wonder that he escaped),
    (stærkere) marvel ( fx the marvels of nature; a marvel of beauty);
    (mirakel) miracle ( fx it is a miracle that he escaped);
    [et Guds under] a miracle;
    [det er intet under] that is no wonder;
    [ved et under] by a miracle.
    II. (en -e)
    (af krydder etc) bottom (part).
    III. præp
    a) (dækket af, bevægende sig under, underkastet) under ( fx the bed, a tree, the water; wear a sweater under one's jacket; hide something under a pillow; the river flows under a bridge; England under the Tudors; under control; he has 50 men under him);
    (dækket af, også) underneath ( fx the bed; one's jacket);
    b) (neden for, lavere nede end) below ( fx below the level of the sea; the sun sank below the horizon; below them in the valley; wounded below the knee; hit him below the belt);
    c) (lavere i værdi, dygtighed etc end) below ( fx below me in
    intelligence; below the average; below par),
    (i rang) under, below ( fx nobody under (el. below) the rank of captain; a colonel is under (el. below) a general in rank);
    d) (mindre end) under ( fx children under six years of age; I won't do it under £5; I can't do it in under 2 hours), below ( fx below six years of age), less than ( fx in less than two hours);
    e) (om tid: i løbet af) during ( fx during my stay in London; during the war);
    f) (F: ved datobetegnelse) bearing the date of ( fx a decree bearing the date of April 12);
    g) (genstand for behandling etc) under ( fx under repair; under construction), in process of;
    h) (omgivet af) amid(st) ( fx he sat down amidst a painful silence, amid cheers);
    i) (ved rubrikbetegnelse) under ( fx this is dealt with under the head of chemistry; the book is listed under biology);
    j) [ Udtryk]
    [under dronning Victorias regering] during (el. in) the reign of Queen Victoria;
    [under dronning Victoria] under Queen Victoria;
    (se også de ord hvormed "under" forbindes).
    IV. adv,
    [neden under] below, underneath;
    (se også de verber, hvormed "under" forbindes).

    Danish-English dictionary

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    {{stl_39}}under{{/stl_39}}{{stl_14}}1{{/stl_14}}{{stl_4}} ['onˀəʀ]{{/stl_4}}{{stl_7}} <{{/stl_7}}{{stl_41}}-et{{/stl_41}}{{stl_7}};{{/stl_7}}{{stl_41}} -e{{/stl_41}}{{stl_7}}> Wunder{{/stl_7}}{{stl_42}} n{{/stl_42}}{{stl_7}};{{/stl_7}}{{stl_40}}
    {{/stl_40}}{{stl_9}}det er intet under!{{/stl_9}}{{stl_7}} kein Wunder!{{/stl_7}}{{stl_20}}
    {{/stl_20}}{{stl_39}}under{{/stl_39}}{{stl_14}}2{{/stl_14}}{{stl_4}} ['onˀəʀ]{{/stl_4}}{{stl_8}} {{/stl_8}}{{stl_42}}prp{{/stl_42}}{{stl_7}} unter{{/stl_7}}{{stl_42}} (D, A){{/stl_42}}{{stl_7}}; während{{/stl_7}}{{stl_42}} (G){{/stl_42}}{{stl_7}};{{/stl_7}}{{stl_40}}
    {{/stl_40}}{{stl_9}}have under arbejde{{/stl_9}}{{stl_7}} in Arbeit haben;{{/stl_7}}{{stl_40}}
    {{/stl_40}}{{stl_9}}gå under jorden{{/stl_9}}{{stl_5}} POL{{/stl_5}}{{stl_7}} untertauchen;{{/stl_7}}{{stl_40}}
    {{/stl_40}}{{stl_9}}under krigen{{/stl_9}}{{stl_7}} während des Krieges;{{/stl_7}}{{stl_40}}
    {{/stl_40}}{{stl_9}}under straf{{/stl_9}}{{stl_7}} bei Strafe;{{/stl_7}}{{stl_40}}
    {{/stl_40}}{{stl_9}}hen under aften{{/stl_9}}{{stl_7}} gegen Abend;{{/stl_7}}{{stl_42}} adv{{/stl_42}}{{stl_7}} unter, darunter;{{/stl_7}}{{stl_40}}
    {{/stl_40}}{{stl_9}}bukke under{{/stl_9}}{{stl_7}} unterliegen ({{/stl_7}}{{stl_9}}for{{/stl_9}}{{stl_8}}/{{/stl_8}}{{stl_41}}D{{/stl_41}}{{stl_7}}){{/stl_7}}

    Dansk-tysk Ordbog

  • 3 under

    внизу, ниже
    внизу, ниже
    унно под, ниже, менее
    унно под, ниже, менее
    * * *
    [åno] sb. -et, -e, -ne
    чудо, диво
    ———————— ['åno] præp.
    под; во время, при; меньше чем, ниже
    katten sidder under bordet кошка сидит под столом
    under krigen во время войны
    det koster under 100 кг. это стоит менее 100 крон
    han skrev under på dokumentet он подписался под документом
    jeg fik informationerne under hånden я получил информацию по секрету
    ———————— [åno] adv.
    внизу, снизу

    Danish-russian dictionary

  • 4 under-

    deputy, under-

    Danish-English dictionary

  • 5 under

    I sb.
    (das) Wunder (-)
    II I præp.
    1. (i rumlig betydning) unter (styrer dat. ved sted, akk. ved retning)
    2. (i tidsbetydning) während (styrer gen.)
    under rejsen während der Reise
    II adv.

    Politikens Dansk-tysk

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    Dansk-engelsk ordbog mini

  • 7 under



    Dansk-engelsk ordbog mini

  • 8 under

    dans le délai de

    Dansk-fransk ordbog

  • 9 under

    ქვეშ; სასწაული, საოცრება

    Dansk-georgisk ordbog

  • 10 under

    во время
    в течение
    в продолжение
    под кем, чем

    Dansk-Russisk Ordbog

  • 11 under

    диво, чудо; під

    Dansk-ukrainsk ordbog

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