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try to break

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  • break a habit — phrase to stop doing something that is a habit, especially something bad or harmful Interrupting others is annoying, so try to break the habit. Thesaurus: to give up doing somethingsynonym to kill a person or animalsynonym Main entry: break …   Useful english dictionary

  • break — break1 W1S1 [breık] v past tense broke [brəuk US brouk] past participle broken [ˈbrəukən US ˈbrou ] ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 1¦(separate into pieces)¦ 2¦(bones)¦ 3¦(machines)¦ 4¦(rules/laws)¦ 5¦(promise/agreement)¦ 6¦(stop/rest)¦ 7¦(end something)¦ …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • break — 1 /breIk/ verb past tense broke, past participle broken 1 IN PIECES a) (T) to make something separate into two or more pieces, for example by hitting it, dropping it, or bending it: The thieves got in by breaking a window. | break sth in two/in… …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • break a habit — to stop doing something that is a habit, especially something bad or harmful Interrupting others is annoying, so try to break the habit …   English dictionary

  • Try Me ~Watashi wo Shinjite~ — Single par Namie Amuro with Super Monkey s extrait de l’album Dance Tracks Vol.1 Face A Try Me Watashi wo Shinjite Face B Memories Ashita no Tame ni Sortie 25 janvier 1995 …   Wikipédia en Français

  • break sweat — informal phrase to use a lot of energy or effort Agassi hardly had to break sweat to win the game. Thesaurus: to try hard to do or get somethingsynonym Main entry: sweat * * * break ˈsweat …   Useful english dictionary

  • try — I (New American Roget s College Thesaurus) v. essay, endeavor, attempt, undertake; test, examine, assay, experiment; refine, purify, afflict, beset; strain, tax; judge, hear. See lawsuit, exertion, use, undertaking. II (Roget s IV) v. 1. [To… …   English dictionary for students

  • Break-even (economics) — This article is about Break even (economics). For other uses, see Break even (disambiguation). The Break Even Point In economics business, specifically cost accounting, the break even point (BEP) is the point at which cost or expenses and revenue …   Wikipedia

  • try — try1 W1S1 [traı] v past tense and past participle tried present participle trying third person singular tries ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 1¦(attempt)¦ 2¦(test/use)¦ 3¦(food/drink)¦ 4¦(try to find somebody/something)¦ 5¦(door/window)¦ 6¦( …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • try — 1 /traI/ verb 1 ATTEMPT (I, T) to attempt to do or get something: try to do sth: Don t shout at him; he s only trying to help. | try sth: Roberts tried a shot at goal. | try and do sth: You must try and control your temper. | try: Tim may not be… …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • try - attempt — Both these words are used as verbs or nouns. The other forms of try are tries, trying, tried. ◊ try used as a verb If you try to do something, you make an effort to do it. My sister tried to cheer me up. He was trying his best to understand. You… …   Useful english dictionary

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