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trihydroxy alcohol

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  • glycerol — A sweet viscous fluid obtained by the saponification of fats and fixed oils; used as a solvent, as a skin emollient, by injection or in the form of suppository for constipation, and as a vehicle and sweetening …   Medical dictionary

  • lipid — /lip id, luy pid/, n. Biochem. any of a group of organic compounds that are greasy to the touch, insoluble in water, and soluble in alcohol and ether: lipids comprise the fats and other esters with analogous properties and constitute, with… …   Universalium

  • glycerin — noun a sweet syrupy trihydroxy alcohol obtained by saponification of fats and oils • Syn: ↑glycerol, ↑glycerine • Derivationally related forms: ↑glycerolize (for: ↑glycerol) • Hypernyms: ↑ …   Useful english dictionary

  • glycerol — noun Etymology: glycerin + ol Date: 1880 a sweet syrupy hygroscopic trihydroxy alcohol C3H8O3 usually obtained by the saponification of fats …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • triol — noun Any trihydroxy alcohol …   Wiktionary

  • tri|ol — «TRY ohl», noun. a trihydroxy alcohol, such as glycerol. ╂[< tri + ol1] …   Useful english dictionary

  • List of EC numbers (EC 1) — This list contains a list of EC numbers for the first group, EC 1, oxidoreducatases, placed in numerical order as determined by the Nomenclature Committee of the International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.EC 1.1 Acting on the CH OH …   Wikipedia

  • Evolutionary relationships of bile alcohols and bile acids — ▪ Table Evolutionary relationships of bile alcohols and bile acids species bile alcohol or bile acid (trivial name) Elasmobranch fishes Myxine glutinosa (hagfish) 5 b1; cholestane 3 b2;,7 b1;,16 b1;,26 tetrol (myxinol) Mustelus manazo (dogfish) 5 …   Universalium

  • steroid — /stear oyd, ster /, Biochem. n. 1. any of a large group of fat soluble organic compounds, as the sterols, bile acids, and sex hormones, most of which have specific physiological action. adj. 2. Also, steroidal /sti royd l, ste /. pertaining to or …   Universalium

  • Cholic acid — IUPAC name (R) 4 ((3R,5S,7R,8R,9S,10S,12S,13R,14S,17R) 3,7 …   Wikipedia

  • Triethanolamine — Chembox new ImageFile = Triethanolamine.png ImageSize = IUPACName = 2,2 ,2 Nitrilotriethanol OtherNames = Tris(2 hydroxyethyl)amine, 2,2 ,2 Trihydroxy triethylamine, Triethylolamine, Trolamine, TEA Section1 = Chembox Identifiers CASNo = 102 71 6… …   Wikipedia

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